Countries near Indonesia

By Aleksandra

October 13, 2023

Countries near Indonesia

Indonesia is a perfect spot for tourists, and everyone can find something interesting there. This country, situated between the Pacific and Indian Oceans in Southeast Asia, offers many attractions. Besides, there are a lot of countries close to Indonesia that can be visited by adventure seekers traveling from US and other foreign countries, as long as they have proper entry permits.

When it comes to the land borders, Indonesia shares it with Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and East Timor. Besides, close to the country are Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and the union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Some facts about Indonesia

Indonesia (officially the Republic of Indonesia) is the biggest archipelagic country in the world, located in Southeast Asia between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Within its territory lays 17,508 islands, and 5 of them are well-known: New Guinea, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi. The biodiversity on the islands is very wealthy, as it is home to a big rainforest.

Besides, Indonesia offers the longest coastline with beautiful beaches, a scuba diving paradise, interesting culture, volcanos, temples, and stable weather with a hot and humid climate.

In order to visit Indonesia, travelers should have a valid passport and a visa that can be obtained online. The process of getting an Indonesia electronic visa is very simple; just:

  1. Provide the personal information required in the application form.
  2. Attach the necessary documents and cover the fee.
  3. Wait for the confirmation and receive an email with an online visa in PDF form.

The procedure is very intuitive, you just need an electronic device with an internet connection and a valid means of payment.

Countries close to Indonesia


Thailand is considered very welcoming to tourists. Amazing beaches, tasty food, national parks, and so much more await them. This diverse place offers snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and kayaking, as it is a perfect spot for adventure lovers.

Before the trip to Thailand, you need to check all the requirements, pack clothes suitable for hot and humid weather, and prepare some cash in local currency. Remember to dress respectfully, don’t say negative things about the king, and remove shoes when you enter temples/homes, etc.

US passport holders can visit Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa for tourism. In case of other purposes, a Thai visa may be required, so it is advisable to check all the information before the trip.


Cambodia is a marvelous country in Southeast Asia. It is the perfect place to explore the natural beauty and one-of-a-kind culture. There, you can rest on the beach, try delicious food, and visit Phnom Penh, the capital city.

A visa to Cambodia is necessary for many nationals, including Americans. The best option is an electronic visa, which is very easy to apply for without visiting the embassy or consulate. An online visa enables one to stay in the country for up to 1 month. A valid passport is also a must-have if you want to cross the border.


Singapore is the next country close to Indonesia that can be recommended for tourists. Considered one of the safest places in the world, it offers a lot of tourist attractions, such as Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, or Botanic Garden.

First, tourists must check all the requirements, prepare documents, and apply for a visa (if applicable) to go there. The best is an online visa, as you can apply from any part of the world. Only an internet connection and valid means of payment are needed.


Malaysia is also a place worth visiting if you happen to be close. The country is known for its marvelous beaches, blue waters, and tourist attractions. You can visit the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, admire Petronas Twin Towers, go to amusement parks (such as Escape Penang), try Panorama Langkawi SkyCab, and so on.

Americans who plan to go to Malaysia for less than 90 days for tourism or business don’t need a visa. However, as it all depends on nationality, all visitors need to check the requirements and obtain proper documents, such as a passport and a Malaysian visa.


Vietnam also offers a lot of attractions. It is a wonderful and intriguing place worth visiting. You can go to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, or Ha Long to enjoy the beauty and inspirations of Vietnam. Try delicious food, feel the vibe of the city, and enjoy the stay.

A visa for Vietnam is necessary for almost all nationalities, including Americans. The best idea is to obtain a Vietnamese electronic visa, as the process can be done without visiting the embassy and other inconveniences.

Papua New Guinea

Last but not least is Papua New Guinea – the country of many wonders, with geographic and natural diversity. Track through Kokoda Trail and Mount Wilhelm, or go to the islands of Madang. There are a lot of options for everyone.

Americans and many other nationalities must have a proper permit in order to visit this country. An online visa to Papua New Guinea is a good choice, as it has many benefits, such as no wasting time, fast processing, and easy application.

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