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Entry Requirements and Visa Policy

The entry requirements are the rules that foreign travelers must follow in order to enter a certain country without any issues. These requirements determine what types of documents one should gather prior to the planned trip. Among the most important documents are a passport and visa.

Travel requirements also consist of a visa policy that specifies the type of visa that a foreign citizen must obtain depending on their nationality, traveling purpose, as well as the planned duration of stay.

Since the entry requirements may be systematically updated and changed, every traveler is advised to consult the latest announcements on the official governmental website of a given country.

Among the required documents that may be needed for hassle-free travel are the following:

  • Visa/ eVisa
  • Passport
  • Passenger Locator Form/health declaration
  • COVID-19 documents (Vaccination proof/negative PCR test)
  • Travel insurance
  • And others

Please note that not fulfilling all entry requirements and not holding all necessary documents may result in some problematic issues upon crossing the border of a visited country or even entry denial.

What do I need to apply for a visa?

Visa requirements and documents needed are dependent on the country of visit and your passport. You can easily check both, using the

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