Enjazit Visa

By Katarzyna

February 14, 2024

Enjazit Visa: KSA Visa Services Platform

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been trying to encourage foreigners to come to the country for reasons other than a pilgrimage. Under the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to reduce its dependence on oil. The plan assumes diversification of the country’s economy by expanding tourism.

Most visitors arriving in Saudi Arabia need a valid visa unless they are nationals of one of the visa-exempt countries. In 2019, the KSA launched the online visa system, allowing travelers from 51 countries to apply for a Saudi visa online.

Enjazit registration was a crucial part of most Saudi visa applications. It was essential for informing the designated processing consulate of incoming applications and covering visa services.

What is the Enjazit visa application?

The Enjazit platform used to be Saudi Arabia’s visa services platform through which eligible applicants could apply for a visa for the KSA, except for tourist visas. Currently, visa services are processed through the updated MOFA visa platform.

Enjaz was an electronic application for the Saudi visa that was next directly sent to the KSA embassy, listed in the invitation letter. The printed Enjaz receipt had to be included with all documentation submitted at the KSA consulate. Applicants could complete the Enjaz application in two ways: either submit the application online or apply through the KSA embassy’s authorized company, which cooperates with the embassy. What is essential is that the Enjazit visa application didn’t cover the application for a tourist visa. The Saudi government introduced a separate eVisa platform dedicated to tourist visas.

Please note that all Enjazit services are now directed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. In practice, it means that applicants must now visit the MOFA website to complete the Saudi visa application.

Types of Saudi Arabia visas that could be applied for through Enjazit online

The previously existing Enjazit platform used to offer visa services for visas, including

  • Government Visit Visas
  • Diplomatic Missions and Organizations
  • Business Visit Visas
  • Employment Visas
  • Residence Visas
  • Newborn Visas
  • Extension of Exit/Re-entry Visas
  • Family Visit Visas
  • Companion Visas
  • Personal Visit Visas
  • Student Visas

Enjaz application qualification requirements

Applicants coming from eligible countries can complete the visa procedure via the MOFA platform (previously Enjazit registration). The standard eligibility criteria include:

  • An applicant must be above 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult guardian
  • A passport validity must extend beyond 6 months from the date of planned arrival in the KSA

Additionally, an applicant may need to meet any additional requirement specified by the applicable Saudi Arabia embassy.

Enjazit visa check

The Saudi visa check facility on the Enjazit portal is no longer available. Applicants can check it on the new MOFA visa platform by following a few simple steps, including:

  • visiting https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/
  • selecting ‘visa application’ under ‘inquiry type’
  • providing the application number and passport number
  • entering the Captcha code correctly
  • clicking on the ‘Search’ button

After providing all information correctly, the page with all details concerning the MOFA visa application will be displayed.

Updated KSA visa platform

Saudi Arabia has updated its visa platform, redirecting Enjazit visa services to the new MOFA website. The new website offers visa services for three categories of applicants: visitors, citizens and residents, and businesses and entities. Applicants can also check their visa and visa stamping process status.


  • MOFA visit visa application from Saudi missions abroad
  • Medical service providers outside the Kingdom
  • Hajj and Umrah eVisa application form
  • Verification of health certificate issuance

Citizens and residents

  • Family visit visa application for citizens
  • Personal visit visa application
  • Re-entry visa extension application
  • Visa delegations

Business and entities

  • Government agencies and business sector
  • Re-entry visa extension application
  • Government visit visa application
  • Student visa application
  • Medical visa application
  • Visit event visa
  • Work visa delegations
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