Indonesia visa for Pakistani - Bali visa policy

By Dominika

September 27, 2023

Indonesia visa for Pakistani

All nationals of Pakistan are required to have a valid visa while traveling to Indonesia. However, the Indonesia visa for Pakistani citizens can only be obtained at the Indonesian diplomatic missions. You must apply for the essential visa in person once you have visited the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

What is more, the Indonesian Government also offers international travelers visa online – Indonesia e-Visa. The electronic visa may be easily obtained online by all eligible visitors. Unfortunately, Pakistanis cannot apply online for an Indonesian e-Visa yet. The situation may change in the future.

Depending on the time period you would like to spend in Indonesia and the activities you plan to pursue abroad, apply for one of the available Indonesian visa types. The most common visa obtained by foreign nationals is the Tourist Visa. However, there are numerous categories to choose from.

Although the Indonesia visa application may seem time-consuming, the procedure is not complicated. It is essential to schedule an appointment at the Indonesian diplomatic mission and complete the registration process in person. Submit the required documents and cover the visa fee.

The processing time for your Indonesia visa may vary significantly. The final waiting time period depends on the number of currently processed applications and the validity of the submitted documents. It is also essential that there are no spelling mistakes in your visa registration form.

NOTE: Sometimes, you may come across the term “Bali visa” (since Bali is a famous island located on the Indonesian territory). Keep in mind that it is simply another name for the Indonesia visa, therefore, there is no need to apply for a separate visa to visit Bali.

Visa-free entry into Indonesia

Pakistani citizens need a visa to enter Indonesia. Regardless of the estimated duration of their journey or the purpose behind the visit, it is mandatory for them to have a valid visa for Indonesia. They should complete the application process at the Embassy or Consulate.

Visa-free entry into Indonesia is granted to nationals of the ASEAN member states (Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). Citizens of Timor Leste are also allowed to cross the borders of Indonesia without a visa. Other travelers need a suitable visa.

Types of Indonesia visa for Pakistan citizens

Indonesia authorities offer a few types of standard Indonesian visas for foreign travelers. Make sure to apply for a suitable category of visa for a hassle-free journey. Take into consideration the duration of your trip and the activities you plan to engage in abroad.

  • ​Tourist Visa – Allows you to visit Indonesia to enjoy holidays and leisure. With a visa, you can visit ancient ruins, relax at coastal beaches, or meet with your relatives.
  • Business Visa – Issued for business-related travel, including professional meetings, training seminars, or investor summits. It does not allow taking up employment in Indonesia.
  • Study Visa – Travelers wishing to attend school in Indonesia need to apply for a Study Visa after being given admission into any Indonesian education institution.
  • Work Visa – Created for foreigners seeking employment in Indonesia. This visa remains valid for one year and allows the holder to legally perform work in the country.
  • Medical Visa – Issued for eligible foreigners in need of medical treatment in any of the hospitals and medical facilities in Indonesia.
  • Official Visa – Designed for individuals traveling for official Government or diplomatic purposes. This visa is typically obtained by diplomats and employees of international organizations.

What diplomatic missions offer Indonesia visa from Pakistan?

Indonesia visa is available for Pakistani passport holders. However, to complete the application process, they need to schedule a visit to the nearest Indonesian diplomatic mission. Currently, they can apply for a visa for Indonesia at the Embassy in Islamabad or the Consulate in Karachi.

Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad

Gamal Abdul Naseer, Ramna 5 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad

Indonesian Consulate in Karachi

Shahrah E Iran, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi

Indonesia visa application for Pakistani nationals

The standard Indonesian visa application is very intuitive and uncomplicated, however, it is generally considered time-consuming. Sometimes, the procedure involves waiting in lengthy queues and taking part in additional consular interviews with the immigration officers.

Citizens of Pakistan are required to follow these three steps to apply for an Indonesian visa:

  • Personally schedule a visit at the nearest Indonesian diplomatic mission
  • Submit the required documentation in person directly to the office
  • Make the mandatory payment for the visa application fee

You will receive a notification message as soon as your Indonesia visa is approved. Then, you need to visit the selected diplomatic mission again and personally collect the visa from the office. From this moment, you are allowed to visit Indonesia short term.

Indonesia visa requirements for Pakistani nationals

Before completing the visa application, check the current Indonesian visa requirements for a problem-free procedure. If you collect the mandatory documents beforehand, you should avoid any technical issues with the process. Contact the nearest Indonesian diplomatic mission for more information.

To apply for an Indonesia visa from Pakistan, you may need to gather these few documents:

  • Valid passport remaining effective for at least six months
  • One copy of the computerized national identity card
  • Two copies of professional biometric photographs
  • Three copies of the passport bio-data pages
  • Sponsorship letter signed by a sponsor
  • Cover letter describing the details of your visit
  • Medical certificate with COVID-19 vaccination
  • Character certificate issued by the police
  • Bank statement from the last six months
  • Proof of booked hotel reservation
  • Proof of return ticket purchase
  • Proof of business registration

The most important document for a successful visa application is a valid Pakistan passport. However, once you visit the Indonesian office, you should be given a list of supporting documents essential for your visa processing. Required documents will vary depending on the selected visa type.

Indonesia visa for Pakistan – Validity

The validity period of your approved Indonesia visa highly depends on its type and specification. The available visas can be divided into two major categories – Short Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa.

  • Short Visit Visa – Issued for short trips to Indonesia. This visa remains valid for a time period between 10 days and 90 days. Indonesian Tourist Visa and Business Visa fall into this category.
  • Limited Stay Visa – Granted for those traveling to Indonesia for purposes of education, training, and research. Valid for up to 12 months.

Indonesia visa for Pakistan – Price

The visa fee for the Indonesia visa depends on the visa type you selected during the application process. However, the price range is between 40 USD and 200 USD.

You can cover the fee using one of many available payment methods. You can pay on-site using your credit card, debit card, or cash. Sometimes, it is also possible to request a payment slip and make the payment from home via direct bank transfer.


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