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Indonesia e-Visa
Indonesia e-Visa

Indonesia e-Visa

Indonesia e-Visa General Information

The Indonesian e-Visa (also known as Indonesian e-VoA) is a type of electronic visa on arrival issued for short-term travel. The online visa program was introduced by the Indonesian Government in 2020 to encourage more tourists to visit the country and facilitate the visa application procedure.

There are three types of Indonesian e-Visa available – they vary in the guaranteed validity period, allowing you for short-term travel related to tourism, business, or transit. Apply online for a suitable visa and enjoy going on sightseeing tours, meeting with relatives, negotiating contracts, and taking part in conferences.

The Indonesia e-VoA online application is a very intuitive process. If you wish to obtain an Indonesian visa, you must complete the application form with relevant data, submit the documents required for processing, and make the mandatory payment for visa processing. It can all be done from the comfort of your home.

When your Indonesian visa is approved, it will be delivered in digital form to your e-mail address. However, the approval notice is not yet an official visa. On arrival to Indonesia, you must present the immigration officers with your valid passport and visa confirmation in order to obtain a special visa stamp.

Who needs an e-Visa to Indonesia?

All foreign travelers who wish to visit Indonesia for purposes of tourism, business, or transit should obtain a suitable visa. Many nationalities are considered eligible for an Indonesian visa on arrival online. But others should apply for a regular visa at the nearest Embassy.

Keep in mind that citizens of the ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and Timor-Leste are allowed to travel to Indonesia visa-free. They can spend up to 30 days in the country.

List of Eligible Countries

Nationals of the countries described below are eligible for the Indonesian e-VoA:

eVisa for Indonesia is available to the citizens of following countries:

  • Albania Albania
  • Andorra Andorra
  • Argentina Argentina
  • Austria Austria
  • Australia Australia
  • Bahrain Bahrain
  • Belarus Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Brunei Brunei
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • Canada Canada
  • China China
  • Chile Chile
  • Colombia Colombia
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Cyprus Cyprus
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • Denmark Denmark
  • East Timor East Timor
  • Ecuador Ecuador
  • Egypt Egypt
  • Estonia Estonia
  • Finland Finlandia
  • France France
  • Germany Germany
  • Greece Greece
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong SAR
  • Iceland Iceland
  • India India
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Japan Japan
  • Jordan Jordania
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Kenya Kenya
  • Kuwait Kuwait
  • Laos Laos
  • Latvia Latvia
  • Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Luxembourg Luxemburg
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Maldives Maldives
  • Malta Malta
  • Mexico Mexico
  • Monaco Monaco
  • Morocco Morocco
  • Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar (Birma)
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Norway Norway
  • Oman Oman
  • Palestine Palestine
  • Peru Peru
  • Philippines Philippines
  • Oman Oman
  • Poland Poland
  • Portugal Portugal
  • Qatar Qatar
  • Romania Romania
  • Russia Russia
  • Rwanda Rwanda
  • San Marino San Marino
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Seychelles Seychelles
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Sudafrica Sudafrica
  • South Korea South Korea
  • Suriname Surinam
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Taiwan Taiwan
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Tunisia Tunisia
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Ukraine Ukraina
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • United States United States
  • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
  • Holy See Holy See
  • Vietnam Vietnam

Indonesia e-Visa Types

A suitable visa is essential while planning a trip to Indonesia. As for now, there are three types of Indonesian online visa on arrival available. These visas differ in the granted period of effectiveness and the activities you are allowed to pursue with them.

  • Indonesia Tourist eVisa – the Tourist Visa on arrival allows you to enter the country once and spend up to 30 days in Indonesia. It is issued for those who would like to enjoy sightseeing, visit family and friends, or participate in cultural events. Valid for 90 days.
  • Indonesia Business eVisa – the Business Visa was created so that foreign travelers can take part in conferences, enroll in training, and conclude contracts abroad. With the Business eVisa, you may visit Indonesia for a 30-day-long journey. Valid for 90 days.
  • Indonesia Transit eVisa – the Transit Visa is intended for those who must pass through the Indonesian territory while traveling to another destination.

Indonesia e-Visa Application Form

If you wish to apply for an Indonesia e-Visa, it is recommended to check if you have a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection first.

The Indonesia e-VoA application procedure can be completed in three easy steps:

  • Fill in the visa application form with mandatory personal information
  • Upload the required documentation in digitalized form
  • Make the necessary payment for the visa processing fee

The average processing time for the Indonesian e-VoA is around a few working days. As soon as your visa is authorized, the visa approval will be sent to your e-mail address. Do not forget to print it out – a paper copy is required on arrival to Indonesia.

What is more, you need a passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of travel to enter Indonesia. If your passport expires early, your Indonesia e-Visa will also be considered invalid.

Indonesia e-Visa Validity

Once approved, your Indonesian electronic visa on arrival remains valid for 90 days from the issuing date. Therefore, you have 3 months to enter the country from the day you have received the visa approval in your e-mail.

The Indonesian e-Visa is a single-entry visa that allows you to spend up to 30 days in the country. You can travel to Indonesia for purposes of tourism, business, and transit.

Indonesia e-Visa Requirements

In order to apply for the Indonesian visa on arrival online, you should first collect the essential documents. This way, the registration procedure should be hassle-free.

To proceed with the Indonesian e-VoA application, prepare the following:

  • Passport effective for at least 6 months from the planned date of travel
  • Biometric photograph of the applicant
  • Purchased return ticket

On arrival to Indonesia, you need to attend customs control. Prepare the required documents (valid passport, flight ticket, visa approval notice) and present them to the immigration officers. Then, you will receive an entry stamp allowing you to stay in the country.

Transit Information

According to the Indonesian Government, it is not mandatory to obtain a Transit Visa if you transit through the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in less than 24 hours. Traveling through other airports is also allowed but cannot last longer than 8 hours.

You must apply for a separate Transit Visa if you switch terminals at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport or pass through Ngurah Rai Airport.

Ports Accepting Indonesia e-Visa

Before leaving for Indonesia, you must verify which entry ports accept online visas and issue visas on arrival. Only selected ports of entry will allow you to visit Indonesia traveling on Indonesian e-VoA.


  • Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Soekharno-Hata International Airport
  • Juanda International Airport
  • Kualanamu International Airport
  • Sam Ratulangi International Airport
  • New Yogyakarta International Airport


  • Bandar Bentan Telani Seaport
  • Bandar Seri Udana Lobam Seaport
  • Batam Centre Seaport
  • Citra Tri Tunas Seaport
  • Kabil Seaport
  • Marina Teluk Seaport
  • Nongsa Terminal Bahar Seaport
  • Sekupang Seaport
  • Sri Bintan Pura Seaport
  • Tanjung Balai Karimun Seaport

Visa Summary

  • eVisa destination



  • eVisa price


    99 EUR

  • eVisa Processing time


    a few days

  • Visa validity


    90 days

  • Visa requirements documents


    • valid e-mail
    • valid passport
    • current biometric photo
    • online payment method
    • supporting documents (return ticket)

Other Travel Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get an Indonesia e-Visa?

The Indonesian e-Visa application procedure is effortless and can be completed online. Fill in the registration form with relevant information, upload the documents required for processing, and pay the obligatory visa fee. The visa approval will be sent to your e-mail address. Remember to print it out and issue your visa on arrival to Indonesia.

When will I receive an e-Visa to Indonesia?

Once you have submitted your visa application for processing, it will be sent to the Indonesian Immigration Office. The average waiting time for an Indonesian e-VoA is a few working days.

Do I need to print an Indonesia e-Visa?

Once your Indonesia e-VoA application is authorized, you will receive a visa approval at your e-mail address. It is essential to print it out before travel to issue a visa on arrival.

What if my e-Visa to Indonesia is not approved?

In case your Indonesian visa application has not been approved, contact the Support Team immediately. The reason for the visa denial could be discrepancies in the provided documents. You may be required to apply for a visa again.

How long can I stay in Indonesia with e-Visa?

All types of Indonesian e-VoA are single-entry visas that allow you to spend up to 30 days abroad. They all remain valid for 90 days from the issuing date.

What is the validity of the e-Visa to Indonesia?

The Indonesian online visa on arrival remains effective for 90 days from the issuing date. Regardless of the selected visa type, it allows you to stay in Indonesia for 30 days.

Do children need an Indonesia e-Visa?

Similarly to adult travelers, children should obtain a suitable visa before leaving for Indonesia. To proceed with the application, they need to meet specific visa requirements and prepare a valid passport, a biometric photo, and a return ticket.

What is the cost of an e-Visa to Indonesia?

The cost of an Indonesian e-VoA is 99 EUR, regardless of the visa type. To cover the processing fee, use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Other online payment methods are also accepted.

What must I have to apply for an e-Visa to Indonesia?

The online application for the Indonesia e-Visa is uncomplicated and effortless. To avoid any problems with the registration procedure, ensure you have a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. You may use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

What is the processing time for an Indonesia e-Visa?

The processing time of your Indonesia e-VoA is conducted at the discretion of the Indonesian Government. The average waiting time is only a few days, but sometimes it may be prolonged.

What documents are required to get an e-Visa to Indonesia?

The requirements for the Indonesian e-VoA application are elementary. Before proceeding with the registration, gather the essential documentation: a valid passport, a biometric photograph, and a return ticket. You will be informed if any supporting documents are needed.

What data do I need to provide in the application form for an e-Visa to Indonesia?

It is essential to provide your personal data and travel details during the application process for the Indonesia e-VoA. Complete the form with information such as name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality. You will also be asked about the planned date of travel.