Turkey Visa from Oman - Get a Turkey e-Visa

By Julia

June 20, 2023

Turkey Visa from Oman

A Turkey visa from Oman is required for all Omani citizens, according to the Turkey visa requirements. Omani travelers going to Turkey for short-term leisure- and business-related purposes can apply for a Turkey visa online.

The application process for a Turkish e-Visa is extremely simple, as our website has a user-friendly interface, and even persons with limited digital skills can complete it in an effortless way.

All required is to fill out a short application form, attach the passport’s bio-data page, make an online payment, and wait for the processing to be completed. Then an applicant will receive an email with an approved electronic Turkey visa.

With an online Turkey visa, an Oman passport holder is able to enter Turkey numerous times within 180 days (6 months) of the validity period. The allowed stay is 90 days per visit.

Note: a Turkish e-Visa does not permit participation in work activities in Turkey. For that purpose, one must obtain a regular visa.

Do Omani citizens need a visa when entering Turkey?

Since Oman passport holders are not visa-exempt, they must have a valid Turkey visa to be permitted to travel to, enter and remain in Turkey.

Employment, studies, and other long-term activities require Omani citizens to get a regular visa by visiting a consulate or embassy in person.

However, if an Omani travels for tourism or business and their intended stay does not exceed 90 days, they can get a Turkey visa online.

How to apply for a Turkey visa from Oman?

The easiest way for Omani citizens to get a Turkey visa is to apply online: the application for a Turkey e-Visa can be obtained within a short time.

Grab your device and follow these steps to apply for a Turkey tourist visa online:

  • Provide the required data in the form. It may request your name, surname, birth date, nationality, etc. Check whether there are typos or mistakes.
  • Upload the digital copy of a valid international passport.
  • Cover the fees online using a debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • Download the approved Turkey visa from your email and make a printout.

The processing may last for several days. After the payment, an applicant receives a confirmation code that can be used to check the status of a Turkey visa application.

The approved Turkey tourist visa will be sent directly to the applicant’s email address as a PDF document.

Turkey tourist visa fees from Oman

Applicants from Oman can use any of the payment options available on our website. Currently, we offer to cover the Turkish visa fees with a debit/credit card or PayPal account.

The cost of a Turkish e-Visa will be displayed in the application form.

Processing time for a Turkey e-Visa for Omani citizens

When using our services, processing a Turkey tourist visa usually takes only a few days.

Still, to avoid possible delays, Omani applicants should review their Turkish e-Visa application before submitting it. It must be entirely complete and contain only true, relevant, and accurate data.

Note that delays in processing may also take place in case of national holidays, vacation season, and technical issues.

Therefore, make sure to apply for an electronic visa to Turkey ahead of time.

Permitted stay

A Turkey visa obtained online allows Omani citizens to have an unlimited number of 90-day visits. However, it is possible to enter Turkey only while the visa stays valid. The validity of the Turkish e-Visa is 180 days from the issue.

Important! Turkish electronic visa cannot be extended. Overstay may result in fines or even deportation.

Turkey visa requirements for Omani passport holders

Omani citizens should familiarize themselves with the following requirements before applying for a Turkey online visa:

Required documents

Nationals of Oman are obliged to attach their international passport to the Turkey e-Visa application form.

A passport must not expire within 180 days from entry into Turkey. If the validity period ends soon, it is necessary to renew the passport.

The passport should be attached in a digital form: an applicant takes a photo of the passport’s bio-data page using a phone camera or webcam and uploads it to the website.

Other requirements

Since the application process takes place online and remotely, Omani applicants for Turkey e-Visa must have:

  • a working smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • stable internet connection
  • an active email address
  • an ability to cover the fees online
  • sufficient funds

Requirements on arrival

Upon arrival in Turkey, Omani citizens need to present their valid passport and a Turkey visa.

If you have several passports, it is required to show the one indicated in the Turkish e-Visa application form.

The Turkey visa must be shown in paper form, so travelers need to make a printout before their trip.

Transit information

Transit travelers from Oman do not need a visa to Turkey if they plan to remain within the Turkish airport transit zone.

Otherwise, a visa to Turkey is required even for transit. Omani citizens are able to obtain a Turkey visa online through a straightforward application process.

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