Turkish Visa for Afghanistan Citizens - Apply for Turkey eVisa online

By Dominika

June 15, 2023

Turkish Visa for Afghanistan Citizens

The Afghanistan citizens looking for an easy and convenient way to apply for a Turkish visa can now do so online. The Turkish e-Visa program has made it possible for Afghan passport holders to access the visa application process with ease.

This article will explore the benefits of the Turkish online visa system and provide an overview of the requirements and steps involved in the application process. Keep on reading for your travel to be problem-free!

Is Turkish e-Visa for Afghan citizens?

The online visa for Turkey is available for all nationals of Afghanistan. If their travel is organized for purposes of tourism, leisure, and business, they may apply online for the Turkey e-Visa. The entire application process is effortless and straightforward, it should not take more than 15 minutes of your free time.

If you would like to spend a longer time period in Turkey, you need to apply for a regular visa at the nearest Turkish Embassy. All you need to do is schedule an appointment at the office and submit the essential documentation in person. The long-term visa may be issued for purposes of employment or education.

Turkey e-Visa

The Turkey e-Visa is an electronic visa that allows eligible Afghan citizens to visit Turkey. The Turkey visa application online is uncomplicated – fill in the registration form, submit the essential documents, and make the fee payment. Approved visa will be sent to your e-mail address – do not forget to print it out. The e-Visa system was introduced in 2013.

The Turkish online visa is issued for Afghan passport holders traveling to Turkey for tourism and business purposes. It means that with the visa, they can enjoy sightseeing tours, meet with relatives, participate in conferences, or negotiate contracts.

The Turkey visa remains effective for 180 days. Depending on the applicant’s nationality, you will be allowed to enter Turkey once for 30 days or multiple times for up to 90 days.

Turkey e-Visa types

Currently, two types of Turkish visas may be obtained by foreign travelers. Depending on your nationality and the number of days you wish to spend abroad, apply for a suitable visa.

  • Single-entry Tourist Visa – 30-day-long trip with 180 days validity period
  • Multiple-entry Tourist Visa – 90-day-long trip with 180 days validity period

However, Afghan passport holders are eligible only for the single-entry Turkish visa online. In order for their travel to last longer, they can either apply for a visa at the Embassy or request another electronic visa as soon as their current one expires.

Turkish e-Visa requirements for Afghan citizens

For a visa for Afghan citizens to be issued, a few crucial requirements must be met. Without the necessary documentation, you will not be able to submit your Turkey visa application.

  • Passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months from the planned travel
  • Biometric photograph of the applicant’s face
  • Proof of booked hotel reservation
  • Proof of purchased return ticket
  • Proof of good financial standing
  • Additional valid visa or residence permit from a Schengen Area country, Ireland, the United Kingdom, or the United States (electronic documents will be declined)

Although all the documents described above are required for the visa application procedure, it is highly recommended to have them on hand while crossing Turkish borders. In case of any problems with your entry, you should present the immigration officers with the documents.

Turkish e-Visa application procedure

In order to proceed with the Turkey e-Visa application, make sure your selected electronic device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is working correctly and has a stable connection.

The registration procedure consists of only three easy steps:

  • Complete the online application form with relevant information
  • Submit the required documentation in PDF form
  • Cover the processing fee using one of many available payment methods

As soon as your visa inquiry is approved, you will receive the authorized visa to your e-mail address. Although the digital form is very convenient, you must print it out before the travel. On arrival, the immigration officers will require you to present a paper copy of your visa.

Waiting time for a Turkish e-Visa

Although the visa application process should not take more than 10 minutes, be patient while waiting for your visa approval. The average processing time for a Turkish e-Visa is around a few working days and is dependent on the decision of the immigration office.

As soon as it is authorized, your Turkey visa will be sent to your e-mail address.

Validity period of a Turkish e-Visa

The electronic Turkey visa, regardless of the guaranteed number of entries to the country, remains effective for 180 days from the issuing date. Keep in mind that with a single-entry visa you can spend 30 days in Turkey, and with a multiple-entry visa – up to 90 days.

Transit through Turkey

A separate Transit Visa remains unavailable while traveling through Turkey. If you plan a trip to a different destination but must cross the Turkish borders, you need a Turkey visa.

In the case of transit, all Afghan citizens should comply with the transit rules – if they do not leave the airport’s transit area, they can enjoy a visa-free journey. Otherwise, a visa is needed.

Benefits of online application for a Turkey e-Visa

There are numerous benefits to the online application for the Turkey visa, which Afghan citizens may enjoy:

  • Convenience: visa application online is much more convenient than visiting the Embassy in person. It allows you to complete the form from the comfort of your home.
  • Accessibility: the online application is accessible to anyone with a working computer or smartphone, making it easy to apply for a visa no matter where you are.
  • Security: electronic applications are secure and encrypted, meaning your personal information and all your data are protected and safe from hackers.



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