Turkey Visa for Canadian

By Aleksandra

June 16, 2023

Turkey Visa for Canadian

Canadian citizens must obtain a visa to travel to Turkey. The best option is to get an electronic multiple-entry visa that enables a 3-month stay in the country. It is very simple to apply as the whole process can be done without visiting the embassy or consulate.

There are many visas to Turkey, such as tourist, business, official, student, working, or other types. Travelers may apply electronically, on arrival, or at the embassy. The first option is advisable, as the process of application is straightforward.

Only three steps are needed: filling out the form, covering the fee, and waiting for approval. After that, you can receive your Turkish visa via email. It is a very convenient and fast method.

Also, according to the visa policy of Turkey, requirements are not numerous and can be easily met. The most important is a valid passport that will be needed upon arrival and during the application process.

Is a Turkey visa necessary for Canadian citizens?

A Turkey visa for Canadian citizens is necessary in order to enter Turkey. There are three options to obtain it: online, on arrival, or at the embassy. The best method is to get Turkey electronic visa, as there is no need to visit the consulate, and the whole process can be done within minutes.

Travelers who want to go to Turkey must read all the necessary information and meet the conditions of the visa policy. A valid passport and a visa are the most essential documents to visit Turkey.

What is a Turkey electronic visa for Canadian citizens?

In 2013 Turkish government introduced an online visa system, so now the application process is simple and fast. Two entry options are available: a single or multiple one. The first enables visitors to stay in the country for up to 30 days, while the second for 3 months. Only a valid passport, access to methods of payment, and a digital face photo are necessary to apply for an online Turkey visa.

How to apply for a Turkish online visa?

To get a Turkish visa, Canadian passport holders must follow these simple steps:

  • Complete the application form. Check if the provided information is correct, as mistakes may lead to delays and other inconveniences.
  • Pay the fee. They can use standard payment methods, such as PayPal, a credit or debit card.
  • Wait for approval and receive a Turkey visa via email.

The whole visa application process may be done within minutes. It is very simple and convenient.

What are the online Turkey visa requirements?

Canadian citizens should prepare the following documents to obtain a Turkey online visa:

  • a valid passport for at least 6 months
  • an active email address
  • a photo of the face
  • a valid credit/debit card.

Note that additional documents may be necessary, and requirements may change anytime. It is advisable to check information on the governmental website to be updated.

All Canadian citizens must meet the travel conditions. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to enter Turkey. Prepare all documents and enjoy your stay without problems.

What is the processing time for an online Turkey visa for Canadian citizens?

The processing time of the electronic Turkey visa is very fast, so applicants don’t need to worry about long waiting. The Turkey eVisa process also doesn’t take much time and can be done within minutes. Remember to check all the provided information before you send the form, as mistakes may lead to inconveniences.

Can Canadian passport holders apply for a visa on arrival to Turkey?

Some international airports offer a visa upon arrival, and Canadian citizens may apply for it. They must submit documents at the special point and wait in line. This option is not advisable, as it can be stressful. Apply earlier for a Turkey eVisa to fully enjoy your stay without worries.

What are the types of Turkey visas?

We can distinguish certain visa types to Turkey according to travel purposes. So Canadian passport holders may apply for a:

  • Tourist visa that type can be used for sightseeing, relaxation, leisure, tourism, visiting friends/family, transit, etc.
  • Business visa, perfect for business meetings, official visits, conferences, fair exhibitions, and so on.
  • Education visa, designed for educational purposes, such as studies, internships, or courses.
  • Work visa – in case of employment or assignment work in Turkey.
  • Other visas with a travel purpose that is different than the above visas (such as archeology, medical treatment, documentaries, freight, etc.).
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