Passport for a baby - How to issue a passport for an infant

By Dominika

September 8, 2023

Passport for a baby

Have you ever heard about a passport for a baby? Parents planning to leave for an abroad trip with their children must ensure they all meet the current entry requirements and have the required documentation on hand. A suitable passport is mandatory not only for adults but also for children and infants.

Keep in mind that minor children (under five years) should have their passports issued by their parents or legal guardians. Due to the child’s age, it is not essential for the minor to be present during the passport application procedure. The procedure should be fully conducted by adults.

All children under 16 years old, including infants, should apply for a new passport every five years. The validity period for this passport is shorter than for a standard passport due to significant changes that may occur in the child’s appearance. You cannot request an extension of the passport’s validity period.

How to apply for a passport for babies?

You can issue a passport for a baby at any of the designated passport offices. Schedule an appointment at the office and complete the application form with relevant information essential for the child’s passport – name, surname, gender, date of birth, and nationality. Then, cover the processing fee.

Remember that the child’s passport application should be completed by both parents or legal guardians. It may be one of the parents or caretakers sometimes, but only if they present the required documentation beforehand. It is essential to have one of the following documents:

  • Written consent of the other parent (guardian) containing the authenticity confirmation
  • Photocopy of the child’s birth certificate stating that the father of the child is unknown
  • Photocopy of the death certificate of the other parent (guardian)
  • Final and binding court decision under which the other parent (guardian) has no right to make decisions about the child
  • Final and binding court decision under which the other parent (guardian) may issue the child’s passport without the consent of the other

REMEMBER! It is not necessary for the infant to be present during the passport application.

You will be sent an approval notice to your e-mail address or receive a call with the passport status update. In order to collect the authorized document, you should appear in person at the office. The passport validity period starts with the issuing date, and the document will remain in force for five years.

What documents are required to get a passport for babies?

Because the passport application procedure may be quite time-consuming, it is highly recommended to ensure you have all the necessary documentation collected beforehand. For a hassle-free passport procedure, you should prepare the following documents:

  • Biometric photograph of the baby, it must meet the international passport picture standards
  • Valid passport (or valid ID card) from parents, in some situations, it may be only one parent
  • Photocopy of the child’s identity proof, it may be a birth certificate or a temporary passport

What is more, parents or legal guardians are required to provide court-issued documents confirming their entitlement to apply for a passport for the minor child. In most cases, the birth certificate should suffice.

REMEMBER! Sometimes, it may be essential to submit supporting documentation while applying for a passport for an infant. If any prove to be necessary, you will be notified by the office immediately.

How to take a passport photo for babies?

For a successful passport application, make sure to take an appropriate biometric picture of a child. The passport photograph restrictions for adults and children differ significantly, so we highly recommend checking them before the photoshoot.

While taking a passport picture of a child under five years old, remember about the following rules:

  • Photo must be taken recently (not older than six months)
  • Photo must be taken in color, on a plain white background
  • You cannot use any blurring or beautifying filters
  • The child cannot wear glasses or hats
  • The child must be alone, cannot be held by any adult
  • The child cannot be holding any toys or using dummies

REMEMBER! When it comes to infants, there are some exceptions to the official rules. Little children should be facing the camera with their eyes open, however, they do not have to be open completely.

Moreover, children under one should have their pictures taken from above while lying on white sheets. They can have their heads supported with your hand, but you must not be visible in the photo.

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