Baby Passport Photo Requirements

By Aleksandra

March 15, 2023

Baby Passport Photo Requirements

Do you want to take your baby’s passport photo? It is not as difficult as it seems but firstly you need to research and know all the requirements. We have good news for you – no professional equipment is necessary. Just prepare your digital camera or smartphone with a decent resolution and start the process. In this article, we will reveal all the secrets and tips, so you can take the perfect passport photo for a baby.

Baby Passport Photo Requirements

If you want to take a baby’s passport photo, you need to consider these main requirements:

  • The passport photo must be recent, not older than 6 months.
  • The passport picture needs to be in color, sharp, clear, and focused.
  • The child’s passport photo should be taken on a plain white background and in natural light.
  • The child’s head can’t be tilted, chin and ears should be visible.
  • Baby needs to look straight at the camera.
  • Toddlers should have natural facial expressions (an infant passport photo doesn’t have to be neutral when it comes to the expression).
  • Children’s mouths should be closed and eyes open (newborns are the exceptions).
  • The baby’s face should be visible without shadows.
  • Pacifiers, bottles, and toys can’t be in the photo.
  • No other people should be in the photo.
  • Red eyes are not acceptable.
  • Baby can’t wear glasses, a hat/bow, or camouflage/uniform clothes.

Acceptable Baby Passport Photo Size

The baby passport photo size must be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 millimeters). When it comes to a head, it should be between 1 to 1 3/8 inches (25 to 35 mm) from the child’s chin to the top of his or her head. Also, you can upload a photo that is 600 x 600 pixels for online submission. However, not that in most countries, you need to apply for a passport in person at the proper office.

How to Take a Perfect Baby Passport Photo?

Below we present a few tips that can be useful when you are taking a baby’s photo:

  • You can lay your baby on non-textured white sheets or poster boards. Be careful, as textured blankets, etc., are not acceptable and will result in passport photo rejection.
  • If your baby cannot sit alone, you can take passport photos from overhead. It is a very easy method, as you don’t need to worry about holding your baby or keeping your hands out of the picture.
  • Wait for the baby’s good mood. Choose the best time to take as many photo shots as you can when a child is happy and eager to play. Don’t force your child to cooperate.
  • You can take a photo in good natural light. However, note that the natural daylight could make the sheets look a little grayish or yellowish, so the baby is lying on an off-white background in the photo. You can use a flash to avoid that but be careful and don’t cast shadows on the baby’s face.
  • You can use a passport online photo maker to crop the baby passport photo to the correct size (2×2 inches). The U.S. passport office offers a cropping tool, so you can save the photo on your computer and print two copies on glossy photo-quality paper. Also, you can do it in a professional studio.
  • You can position your child in the photo. How to do it? Try the trick with a rolled-up towel. Place your child on a sheet or blanket and support its neck and head with two rolled towels. When your baby sits on the chair, you can use a head cushion to support the neck.
  • The passport photos would look better if you position your baby’s feet pointed away from the window. Also, the photo looks natural when the face is lit from above.
  • Take the picture in the late morning or early afternoon, as the light is generally the best during that time. Besides, use a fast shutter speed, as the baby won’t stay still.

How to Apply for a Baby Passport?

If you have already taken the baby’s passport photo, cropped it, and printed it, now it is time to apply for a passport. So how to do this?

  1. Contact the nearest passport acceptance facility and apply for a document in person with your child. Both legal parents and guardians should be present at the office.
  2. Bring the necessary documents: two copies of the baby’s passport photos, a completed passport application, proof of citizenship (as a birth certificate), proof of parental relationship, and ID.
  3. Cover the necessary fee.
  4. Wait for the finalization of the process and receive your baby’s passport.

Travel Medical Insurance

It is recommended to invest in travel medical insurance if you travel with your newborn. It will give you some extra peace during the trip. Besides, it is very easy to get travel insurance, and you can choose from many options.

The Requirements in Different Countries

The tips presented in this article are perfect for U.S. passport application. Note that different countries can have their own terms and conditions, so check them carefully before you apply for a passport. Do the research and gather all the necessary documents before.


Taking a baby’s passport photo is not so easy, especially when it is the first photo for a document. At the very beginning getting the right photo would be a little challenging, but with our tips and essential information, you can do it without worries.

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