Can you wear glasses in a passport photo

By Dominika

March 15, 2023

Can You Wear Glasses in a Passport Photo?

Every travel enthusiast who plans a trip abroad must be well-prepared for the journey.

Do you wear glasses and need to update your passport photo? It can be intimidating trying to figure out all the passport rules, especially when it comes to things like wearing glasses in a passport picture. Not knowing what passport photo requirements are could cost you time at the post office, so it is a much better idea to collect some information beforehand.

What is a passport?

A passport is one of the most important documents any traveller can have. Essentially, it is an official permit issued by the country’s government to all eligible applicants, verifying their identity for international travel. Although some nations allow for the freedom of movement of travellers (for example, the European Union countries), you usually need a passport to visit another destination abroad.

Passports usually include the holder’s personal data, such as their name or date of birth – all things necessary to ensure safe travel. Depending on the issuing country, your passport may also include other important information, for example, visa provisions and expiration dates.

You can apply for the permit at the passport office. Apart from documents proving your identity, it is also essential that you bring a recent biometric photo of yourself for passport processing. However, you must remember that there are strict rules concerning the look of the passport photo.

Can you wear glasses in a passport photo?

If you have some problems with your sight, you may wonder if you must wear glasses for the passport photo. What is more, some would say that a person looks completely different with and without glasses in the pictures. So, are glasses allowed in passport photos?

The truth is that regular glasses, tinted glasses, and sunglasses are not generally allowed in passport photos. Although they may be essential for your everyday life, during the shot, you should take them off. It is important to make sure that no glare appears in the final image, or else it will not be approved. Reflection from any light source is also unacceptable as it can reflect light and distort the picture.

You may have your passport photo taken in glasses only if, during the application process, you will provide one additional document. To be allowed to wear glasses in your biometric picture, you must obtain a signed note from the doctor proving they are necessary.

What should a passport photo look like?

For your passport photo to be accepted at the passport office, you must follow a few strict rules. Although taking a good passport photo can seem like a daunting task, with good preparation, it should be no problem.

When selecting an outfit to wear, opt for something simple and plain in a solid colour – avoid bright shades, busy prints and camouflage patterns. Additionally, make sure that your hair is neat, out of your face and not covering any part of your forehead or both ears. Plus, remember about neutral facial expression with both eyes open and mouth closed – you can give the camera a soft smile or choose to remain serious.

There are a few strict requirements regarding passport photos:

  • photo in colour
  • facing the camera directly
  • measurements of 2×2 inches (or 5×5 cm)
  • plain white, light-coloured background
  • current photo, not older than six months

Additionally, do not forget that on your passport photo you:

  • cannot wear eyeglasses
  • cannot wear any headpiece
  • should wear clothes that will be visible in the picture (so that you do not look naked)

It is essential that your photo is of good quality. Poor-quality photos where you are unrecognisable will not be accepted, and you will be asked to visit the office again with a new image.

Can I take the passport photo myself?

In case you do not want to schedule an appointment with a photographer, you may try taking the perfect passport photo yourself. However, taking into consideration all the rules and restrictions concerning the picture, it is much easier to visit a professional.

If you are having any trouble with taking the ideal passport photo, you may also ask a family member or a good friend to help you with this task. Another person will help you choose a suitable pose for the picture and crop it properly.

What else should I know before applying for a passport?

Before applying for a passport, take notice that the rules described in the article above are generalised and refer to the most typical passport application procedure. It may happen that your country has more restrictive requirements or that the rules change in the future.

Therefore, it is advised to always check the current passport regulations on the official government website before applying for the document.

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