Tajikistan Embassy in Afghanistan in Kabul

By Dominika

June 16, 2023

Tajikistan Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

Although traveling abroad is always an exciting adventure, things do not always go as planned. You may be prepared for everything but still be surprised by an emergency. In this case, it would be best to contact the Embassy of your country – the official authorities will provide assistance when you need it most.

In this article, you will find the most important information on the Tajikistan Embassy located in Afghanistan. Find out contact details for the office and check in what situations an Embassy may help.

What is a Tajikistan Embassy?

The Tajikistan Embassy is the headquarters of the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in another country. The main goal of the office is to internationally represent Tajik authorities. Interestingly, the Ambassador does not only work at the Embassy but often also resides in the building.

The Embassy should serve the nation, taking care of its foreign affairs and ensuring good communication between the two countries of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The officials mostly organize events with the diplomats and politics of the Afghan Government, but they also offer help to common citizens that need assistance during their travel.

When should I visit an Embassy?

In fact, you can pay a visit to the Embassy anytime. The available consular services refer to a variety of matters, including visa application, passport registration, citizenship issues, temporary residence, and legal affairs. The officers will also offer you help in case of missing documentation or difficulties with traveling to your home country.

What is more, you can always reach out to the Embassy if you wish to obtain some additional information regarding your travel to Afghanistan. You can ask for details on the subject of current entry requirements to Afghanistan or request more data on the matter of available visa types. The officers should offer you help with any case.

Tajikistan Embassy in Afghanistan

Below, you can find contact information for the Tajikistan Embassy in Afghanistan. It is recommended to save the information in case of facing any difficulties with your travel.

Contact information

  • Address: Vazir Akbarkhon Saraki 15, 121, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Phone: +93 70-658-11-40
  • E-mail: tajembkabul@mfa.tj
  • Languages: English, Tajik, Persian
  • Official website: https://mfa.tj/en/kobul




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