Do Indians need a visa for Sri Lanka? Apply online for Sri Lanka eTA

By Dominika

April 21, 2023

Do Indians need a visa for Sri Lanka?

Traveling to Sri Lanka, do not forget to pack your luggage, book the perfect accommodation, and collect the necessary documents. If you are a citizen of India, you need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa online before the travel.

What is the Sri Lanka online visa – eTA?

The Sri Lankan visa online, known as the Electronic Travel Authorization eTA, is a type of electronic visa issued by the officials of Sri Lanka. The visa may be obtained online, and when approved, it allows eligible travelers to visit Sri Lanka twice and spend up to 30 days there.

The Electronic Travel Authorization program was launched in 2012. The main goal was to encourage more tourists to visit the country due to the facilitated visa application procedure.

To apply online for the Sri Lanka visa, complete an electronic application form, submit the necessary documentation, and make the payment for the visa processing fee. You will be informed when your visa is authorized. An approved eTA will be sent to your e-mail.

Do Indians need visa for Sri Lanka?

Indian citizens are one of the many nationalities that should apply for an eTA visa before going to Sri Lanka. To obtain the necessary visa for short-term travel, they should participate in an online application procedure. For longer trips, they need a regular visa from the Embassy.

What are the available types of Sri Lanka eTA?

Currently, the nationals of India are eligible for three different types of Sri Lanka visas. Depending on the activities they wish to pursue abroad, they must select the appropriate eTA.

Tourist eTA

The electronic Sri Lanka Tourist Visa allows eligible travelers to enter the country for purposes including reuniting with friends and family, enjoying sightseeing tours, or participating in cultural events. The Tourist eTA may be issued as a single-entry visa (valid for 180 days) or a double-entry (effective for 30 days).

Business eTA

The Sri Lanka Business eTA (travel authorization) is a visa that may be obtained online. Once approved, it remains effective for 30 days allowing for two visits to Sri Lanka for reasons related to participating in business conferences, concluding contracts abroad, or conducting negotiations.

Transit eTA

The Transit eTA to Sri Lanka is a type of online visa issued for every eligible traveler who needs to cross the borders of Sri Lanka in order to visit another country. Authorized Transit Visa should be valid for a period of 2 days (48 hours).

Can Indian Citizens apply for Sri Lanka eTA online visa?

The Sri Lanka visa may be obtained through an online registration process. Before starting the questionnaire, make sure you have a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. Then, check if you have all the necessary documents ready.

The Sri Lankan eTA application procedure may be divided into three easy steps:

  • Complete the online application form with the relevant information on your travel
  • Upload the digital copies of the required documentation into the registration form
  • Cover the visa processing fee payment using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal

It is highly recommended to double-check the completed application form before submitting it for processing. If the immigration officers find any discrepancies in your documents, your visa to Sri Lanka may be denied.

It is not necessary to print out your online visa confirmation. When you enter Sri Lanka, you will be asked to only present your valid passport. Keep in mind the document must remain valid throughout the entire journey.

What documents are required for the Sri Lanka eTA?

The requirements for the Sri Lanka visa online are elementary and do not require much preparation. The most important document is a passport that must stay valid for at least 6 months from the planned arrival in Sri Lanka. It cannot expire during your travel.

Sometimes, travelers are also asked to submit proof of having sufficient funds for the trip to Sri Lanka (for example, a bank statement). It is also possible that you will be required to have a flight ticket for onward or return travel.

What is the cost of the Sri Lanka eTA?

If you wish to obtain the Sri Lanka visa, you need to pay the respective amount of money for the visa processing fee. The price of each visa varies depending on the selected type and its validity period.

  • Tourist eTA – 99 EUR (30 days)
  • Tourist eTA – 129 EUR (180 days)
  • Business eTA – 99 EUR (30 days)
  • Transit eTA – 79 EUR (2 days)

How long is the Sri Lanka eTA visa valid?

The validity period of your authorized Sri Lanka visa (Sri Lankan eTA) will differ depending on the type of visa you have selected during the application procedure.

  • Tourist eTA – 30 days (double-entry)
  • Tourist eTA – 180 days (single-entry)
  • Business eTA – 30 days (double-entry)
  • Transit eTA – 2 days (single-entry)

Do Indians need visas for layovers in Sri Lanka?

Every foreign traveler who plans on transiting through Sri Lanka to another destination must obtain an appropriate visa. The Transit eTA is an electronic visa that may be easily obtained online. With the visa, you can stay in the country for up to 2 days.

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