Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens

By Visa Expert

April 20, 2023

Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens

In 2012 Sri Lanka government implemented the Sri Lanka visa, so now the eligible applicants may obtain a necessary permit easier.

US citizens can enter Sri Lanka with electronic travel authorization (ETA) and don’t need to apply for a visa in advance. A Sri Lanka visa can be obtained online, so no visit to the embassy or consulate is required.

What is a Sri Lanka Visa for American Citizens?

As Sri Lanka visa policy states, the Sri Lanka ETA is a digital visa that can be obtained by Americans for tourism, business, or transit. The whole process is very simple and convenient.

There is no need to deal with the paperwork at the embassy and waste time at border control waiting in line. The Sri Lankan visa is available online.

Terms and conditions of Sri Lanka Visa

ETA Sri Lanka online visa can be used for tourism, transit, and business and is valid for 180 days. American citizens can visit Sri Lanka twice (or multiple times in business cases) with this visa and stay in the country for up to 30 days.

Those who want to transit through Sri Lanka can apply for a transit visa. Their stay can’t be longer than 48 hours. In case of a longer stay, an alternative visa is necessary.

Contact with the Sri Lanka embassy or consulate is required in case American passport holders want to be in Sri Lanka for a period exceeding 1 month or for a different travel purpose.

Sri Lanka ETA requirements

US nationals must meet the requirements of the Sri Lanka visa in order to obtain it. They should have the following:

  • A passport that won’t expire within 6 months
  • an email address
  • a debit/credit card.

The passport must be valid and renewed in case it expires in less than 6 months. Check twice if the provided email is correct, as all information will be sent there.

ETA application Sri Lanka

American passport holders who meet the requirements can apply online for Sri Lanka visas. It is straightforward to complete the Sri Lanka visa application form where you need to fill in your:

  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • address
  • email address
  • nationality
  • purpose of the trip
  • port of entry and departure
  • passport issuance country and date
  • passport number and expiry date.

US passport holders who travel for tourism are granted 2 entries to the country, while business visitors may enter Sri Lanka multiple times.

Requirements for children

Minors below 16 years old who share the same passport with their parents/guardians can be included in their Sri Lanka visa (ETA) application. In case they have an individual passport or are over 16 years old, they must apply for ETA Sri Lanka separately.

Sri Lanka ETA processing time

The approval time for a Sri Lanka visa usually takes a few days. Note that the process may take longer due to many factors, like mistakes in the form or too many applications.

It is advisable to apply earlier to get all documents on time. A Sri Lanka visa will be sent to email, and it should be printed out.

Arrival in Sri Lanka with approved ETA

Upon arrival, US citizens must show a passport that is registered in the visa application, as ETA is linked to the passport electronically. Also, a printed copy of the ETA is needed as it can be checked at the border control.

Besides, Americans who come to Sri Lanka must have proof of sufficient funds and an onward ticket. It is possible to apply for an extension of an ETA Sri Lanka visa online. In this case, a visit to the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration is necessary.

Sri Lanka visa on arrival for US citizens

A visa on arrival will be given to US nationals who visit Sri Lanka with ETA at the border control when they show a passport linked to the visa, a ticket, and proof of sufficient funds.

The process is quick and smooth, and no visit to the embassy or filling out additional paperwork is required. Also, US citizens can obtain a visa on arrival when they reach Sri Lanka at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. However, they may wait in line at the border crossing.

Among the other visa types, applying for a Sri Lanka ETA is advisable, as it is a very easy and convenient option.

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