Tropical places to visit without a passport

By Julia

September 25, 2023

Tropical places to visit without a passport

The allure of tropical destinations is undeniable, and some of them can be visited even without the hassle of obtaining a passport. Several tropical spots are just a domestic flight away, making them accessible to US citizens without international travel documents.

Whether you seek the ultimate escape from the daily grind and dream of basking in the sun while sipping on a refreshing drink or plan on diving and exploring coral reefs, you will be able to pick a tropical place that completely fulfills all your needs, including passport-free travel.

While many destinations for vacation require travelers to get an electronic visa, a regular visa, or hold a passport with a certain validity period, it feels very refreshing to omit the usual entry requirements and just enjoy the exotic trip.

Destinations to enter without a US passport

Review the list of places that US citizens can travel to without a passport:

By air:

  • St Thomas
  • St John
  • St Croix
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • Mariana Islands
  • Guam
  • American Samoa

By land/sea:

  • Caribbean islands (some destinations if traveling by a cruise ship)
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Best tropical destinations to visit without a passport

If you want to go on your vacation to some tropical place, check the best destinations for US tourists traveling without a passport.

Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico belongs to the United States territories, it is a popular destination for Americans to visit without a passport. You can easily travel by air, as there are flights to Puerto Rico every day.

No matter what your preferences are – you will definitely be able to find something exciting for yourself. For instance, Puerto Rico has many incredible spots for scuba diving, which serves as an additional excuse to explore the island.

Puerto Rico also offers many white sand beaches for those who just want to relax and enjoy sunbathing. Do not miss out on Flamenco Beach on the northwest side: it’s not only a great place to rest and swim in calm waters but an excellent spot to take a photo.

Thomas, Virgin Islands

No wonder St. Thomas is the busiest island among the Virgin Islands: it is a true tropical paradise that is very accessible at the same time. US citizens can travel without a passport, only with a valid government-issued ID.

St. Thomas is able to boast sunny weather throughout the whole year. There you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – the iconic Magens Bay, go sailing and snorkeling, and attend breath-taking boat tours.


Hawaii is the 50th US State and, therefore, does not require a passport from US nationals. At this tropical getaway, you can find all kinds of adventure.

For starters, there are hundreds of miles of pristine beaches in Hawaii. Visit Hapuna beach park near Kohala, Kahala’u Beach, Carlsmith and Onekahakaha beach parks near Hilo for kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.

Moreover, travelers can enjoy the natural wonders of Hawaii in several national parks and 50 state parks: from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to the Kalaupapa National Historical Park on Molokai.


Guam is one of the three US territories in the Pacific Ocean. US citizens can travel to Guam without a passport if they depart from Honolulu without entering other countries on a connecting flight. It is necessary to prepare such documents as a government-issued ID and proof of citizenship, e.g., a birth certificate.

While in Guam, go to Tumon Beach within the city limits of Tamuning. It is a very convenient place to spend your tropical vacation: white sands, calm waters, fine accommodations, many parking spots, and easy access to the city.

Lovers Point Park is another popular attraction. Tourists come there for picnics, painting, and taking photos. You can also get from it on Monterey Bay and enjoy the view of the coastline and native wildlife.

American Samoa

US nationals can enter American Samoa holding an active government-issued ID, a certified birth certificate confirming US nationality, and a ticket for onward passage out of American Samoa. It is allowed to stay there without a passport for up to 30 days.

American Samoa is an island covered with rainforests. Although there are regular flights, you won’t meet many tourists there, so this place is relatively calm, and the tourism infrastructure is not well-developed.

The heart of Polynesia belongs to those tropical places that remained virgin. In American Samoa, one can go diving, snorkeling and hiking, enjoying the astounding beauty of rainforests, beaches, and protected coral reefs.

The Bahamas

You can get to the Bahamas by joining one of many cruises departing Fort Lauderdale or Miami that make a stop in Nassau before embarking further into the Caribbean.

The Bahamas is a perfect vacation destination, as it has it all: beautiful white-sand beaches, magnificent coastlines, and colorful coral reefs. It also offers one of the most exciting and fun experiences – swimming with pigs.

There are more than 700 islands, however, the most popular options are New Providence (Nassau), Paradise Island, and Exuma.

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