Travel to New Zealand from Australia

By Katarzyna

September 8, 2023

Traveling to New Zealand from Australia

Suppose you are currently staying in Australia or an Australian citizen planning to visit New Zealand. In that case, you can directly fly from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Many of these flights land in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and other popular cities in New Zealand. The estimated time of a direct flight to New Zealand from Australia may take around 7 hours. However, the flight time depends on the distance between specific airports in both countries. For example, a trip from Sydney, Australia, to Christchurch in New Zealand may take around 3 hours, while a direct flight from Kalbarri to Auckland is more than 7 hours.

New Zealand can also be reached on a cruise from Australia. Australia’s most popular cruise locations include Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Read more to find out more about travel restrictions in New Zealand, visa requirements, and other information that may be essential for your trip preparation.

Travel to New Zealand from Australia

Travel requirements to New Zealand

Depending on your nationality, the entry requirements, including visa regulations, may differ. Nevertheless, all travelers, regardless of nationality (including Australian citizens), must hold a valid passport. Most essential requirements include:

Passport requirements

The passport should remain effective for at least 3 months from the planned arrival date in New Zealand. The 3-month passport validity is also a requirement to be eligible for the NZeTA online application.

Visa requirements

Citizens of the countries eligible for visa-free entry to New Zealand for tourism-related purposes must complete the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority before their trip.

The New Zealand eTA is a multiple-entry permit covering the purposes of tourism, business, and transit. Every single stay in New Zealand can be as long as 3 months, while the travel authorization remains valid for 2 years.

If your country does not qualify for the NZeTA, you may need to obtain a relevant visa covering your particular traveling needs.

New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Travelers arriving in New Zealand by air must now complete the arrival declaration called the New Zealand Traveller Declaration. Since the electronic declaration is not operational across the entire New Zealand yet, they will be given a paper Passenger Arrival Card on their flight to New Zealand. At the moment, only certain airports accept its digital version. Currently, these airports include Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, and Auckland.

In order to complete a digital declaration, you will need to have an already approved visa or NZeTA (depending on your eligibility). Also, it is necessary to provide the travel history from the last 30 days, your passport details, information about what you plan to bring to New Zealand, your flight details, and contact details in New Zealand.

Note: Travelers who enter New Zealand by sea are not currently obliged to complete a digital declaration.

Australian passport

Visiting New Zealand from Australia

Australian citizens or permanent residents can travel to New Zealand for tourism, work, and living purposes. As a rule, they can enjoy visa-free travel under the Trans-Tasman Agreement. The visa-free access covers not only tourism but also working and living purposes. For example, an Australian citizen can go to New Zealand and work there without needing a visa. This rule works both ways.

Visa conditions

Australian permanent residents

If you are not a citizen of Australia but hold Australian permanent residency, you do not need a visa for New Zealand. Nevertheless, you must complete the New Zealand eTA application before travel.

Australians with a criminal record or deportation history

A visa for New Zealand for Australians may be necessary if you have been convicted of any crime in the past or have been deported from any country. If you have a criminal record or deportation history, you should best contact a NZ Visa Application Centre for more information before your travel to New Zealand.

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