Tajikistan Visa for US Citizens

By Aleksandra

April 24, 2023

Tajikistan Visa for US Citizens

Citizens of the US who would like to enter Tajikistan must obtain a proper permit if they want to stay in the country for more than 30 days. In this case, a Tajik visa is necessary. It is possible to apply online or at the nearest consulate or embassy.

Tajikistan eVisa is the recommended option, as travelers can obtain it from any part of the world. Moreover, online Tajikistan visas grant single or multiple entries depending on the chosen type. They are valid for 60 days and allow for 3 months stay in Tajikistan.

Besides, American passport holders can contact the nearest Tajik embassy and apply for a traditional visa. A face-to-face appointment at the embassy is needed in this way.

Note that from 2022 citizens of the USA are granted visa-free entry to Tajikistan for up to 30 days stays for various purposes. However, they must register within 10 days at the Department of Visas and Registration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR).

Do US citizens need visas for Tajikistan?

A visa for Tajikistan for US citizens is necessary for travelers who want to visit Tajikistan for more than 1 month.

It is advisable to obtain a Tajikistan electronic visa as it is available for Americans. The online application process is straightforward: only completing a form, covering the fee, and waiting for the processing is necessary.

All American citizens must have a valid passport for at least 3 months with two pages for entry stamps, a visa for a stay longer than 30 days, and a support letter in case of a non-tourist travel purpose to enter Tajikistan.

How much is a Tajikistan visa for US citizens?

The cost of a Tajikistan visa varies according to the visa type and the purpose of the stay. Check all the newest information on the governmental website before your stay and make sure you meet all the requirements to travel to Tajikistan.

How can I get a Tajikistan visa from the USA?

Tajikistan visa application is straightforward and convenient in the eVisa case. The applicants must check if they meet all the requirements and prepare the necessary documents, such as a passport. Then, complete the Tajikistan visa form, cover the fee, and wait for approval. Tajikistan eVisa will be sent to the email in PDF form.

The next option is to contact the nearest embassy or consulate and make an appointment to obtain a Tajikistan tourist visa. Applicants need to prepare the necessary documents and visit the place to be interviewed there. Then, wait for the approval and receive a visa.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Tajikistan?

Only certain non-tourist visa categories can be issued upon arrival, so there is no need to visit the embassy or consulate. The process requires an online application and an additional fee. However, generally, it is not possible to obtain a visa on arrival as a US national.

The most recommended is a Tajikistan eVisa that requires almost no effort to apply. It is valid for 60 days, enables one to stay in the country for 3 months, and comes into two types: a single or multiple-entry permit.

What documents are required to visit Tajikistan?

The applicants must prepare the following:

  • a passport that won’t expire within the next 3 months with two blank pages for stamps
  • a visa in case of stay in Tajikistan for more than 30 days
  • a support letter when traveling for a non-tourist reason.

All non-tourist purposes of the visit to Tajikistan require support letters. They can be issued by an organization or a relative. In the second case, a notification letter from the Department of Visas and Registration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR) is needed.

Also, when it comes to supporting documents, they should be sent to the MFA Consular Department in Tajikistan by the person/organization that invites the traveler.

Visas for non-tourist purposes

Visitors who travel to Tajikistan for a different purpose than tourism (visiting friends/family, business, education) can submit their application online to the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). In this case, additional documents are necessary to obtain this visa type. Depending on the purpose, fees and validity period may vary. Also, a face-to-face visit to the embassy may be necessary.

Dual nationality

Dual nationality is not recognized by the Tajik government. In case you travel on a US passport, you need to have a valid visa for a stay longer than 1 month. Be careful, as overstaying is fined and could be very expensive.

HIV/AIDS restrictions

There are some entry restrictions regarding HIV/AIDS. Travelers who plan to stay in Tajikistan longer than 90 days must show a medical certificate confirming they are HIV-free. However, it is advisable to contact the nearest embassy for more information about this topic because of the policy changes.

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