Passport Photo Hair Rules

By Julia

March 15, 2023

Passport Photo Hair Rules

When you need to apply for a passport, you need to think not only about the application form but also about the photo you are required to attach.

When taking a photo for a passport, you should ensure that it meets all the requirements: it has a white background, you have a neutral facial expression, the passport photo is of an appropriate size, etc.

Actually, there are many passport photo rules, so it is easy to forget about some details – for example, what your hair should look like in a photo. The purpose of a photo in a passport is to identify a person and show their individual features. So when picking a hairstyle for a photo, you must consider that it can cover no part of your face.

Another thing to think of is whether you are allowed to have facial hair, or it must be completely shaven. Can you change your hairstyle or the color of your hair after submitting a passport application? Go on to find the answers to these and many other questions on passport photo hair requirements.

Facial hair in a passport photo

Many men are worried about their facial hair – do they have to shave their exquisite beards from barbershops to take a passport photo? The answer is no – whether you have a mustache, beard, or goatee – you don’t have to remove them in order to take a passport photo.

Your facial hair doesn’t affect your facial features in any way – you are still recognizable. The biometrics of your face stays the same, even if you have a long beard.

If you shaved your beard after taking a passport photo, it is not a reason to be stressed either – a change in facial hair won’t be a basis for visa refusal.

Note that this is applicable to the United States and some European countries, such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Poland. It’s better to check the exact passport hair rules for your country.

Can you wear your hair up in a passport photo?

You can wear your hair up in the passport photos, for example, make a ponytail. However, it is not recommended to make extremely voluminous hairstyles.

In compliance with the standard passport picture rules, your hair cannot extend up to the edges of the picture. The head must occupy 70-80% of the photo. If your hairstyle is too voluminous, it may look like the proportions of your head are not correct, and therefore a photo may not be approved.

Can I have my hair down in a passport photo?

Passport hair rules do not forbid you to put your hair down, provided that your entire face is clearly visible and not covered by the hair.

It would be best if you put your long hair behind your ears, even though there is no strict requirement to keep your ears visible. If you have bangs, it is recommended to put them to the sides with hair clips so that your eyes, eyebrows, and forehead are entirely visible.

Best hairstyle for passport photo

There are no strict rules on which hairstyle you must wear for the passport photo. The best option is to go for your regular hairstyle. The passport photo must represent what you look like on an everyday basis, so save fancy hairdos for special occasions: regular hair is what will work for a passport.

It is not mandatory to have loose hair or a ponytail: you can choose one of the elegant and modest hairstyles you often wear. The most important is to make sure that the chosen hairstyle doesn’t cover the applicant’s face.

Can I have colored hair in a passport photo?

You are free to have whatever hair color you like – there are no restrictions on this matter, even if you go for bright pink, blue, or green.

Hair color doesn’t affect your facial features and, in fact, can often be changed. Don’t worry about adjustments to the color of your hair – you don’t need to get a new passport once you have your hair dyed.

Even if you change the hair color when your passport application is still being processed, it is perfectly fine. You can change your color any minute, and dyed hair won’t cause the rejection of your application.

Can you wear hair accessories?

No hair accessories can be shown in the passport photo, so forget about hairbands, colorful scrunchies, and ribbons. However, you can use hair small pins, clips, and ties if they are not noticeable.

Try to match your hair accessory – a clip, for example, with the color of your hair. A tie can actually be very helpful when taking a photo for the passport, as you can pull your hair together so that your face won’t be covered by anything.

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