Mexico Visa Types - Mexican Visa Application Requirements

By Dominika

May 8, 2023

Mexico Visa Types

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Mexico? Whether it’s for a short-term tour or long-term travel, make sure that your passport is valid and your visa is approved. Do not forget to check the current entry requirements to Mexico so that your journey is hassle-free.

Depending on the time period you plan to spend in Mexico and the activities you wish to pursue abroad, there are a few types of Mexico visas you can apply for. The Mexican immigration authorities offer foreigners multiple temporary or permanent stay visas. Check, if you’re eligible for a Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Business Visa, Study Visa, or Residence Visa.

The application procedure for a Mexican visa should be completed at the nearest Embassy. It must be done in person. The entire process is not complicated. All you need to do is fill in the visa application form, submit the essential documents, and cover the fee payment. When approved, your Mexico visa may be collected from the office.

Apart from a valid visa, every person traveling to Mexico should have a suitable entry authorization. The FMM Tourist Card is a document required from every foreign visitor. Luckily, it may be easily obtained electronically in an online application process.

Another important document is SAE Authorization. Similarly to the FMM Tourist Card, it allows eligible travelers to enter Mexico. The SAE Authorization is available for nationals of Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey only. The application takes place online.

What is Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico FMM Tourist Card, known as the Forma Migratoria Múltiple, is a mandatory document allowing travelers single entry to Mexico. It is available for foreign visitors as long as they’re traveling to Mexico by land and for purposes including tourism or transit.

Remember, the FMM Tourist Card is not a visa. It allows for short-term travel, but if you’re not a national of a visa-exempt country, you need to also have a valid Mexican visa on hand.

You can apply online for the FMM Tourist Card – complete the application form, provide your essential personal data, and make the payment for the processing. Once approved, it will be delivered to you by e-mail, so remember to print it out. The FMM Card is valid for 180 days.

What is SAE Authorization for Mexico?

The Mexican SEA Authorization, called Sistema de Autorización Electrónica, is an online travel authorization system that allows nationals of Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine to visit Mexico. It is available for those traveling by plane for tourism, business, and transit purposes.

The SAE online application procedure is not complicated and may be completed at the official website of the Mexican Embassy. Before proceeding with the registration, make sure you have all the essential documentation.

You must cross the Mexican borders within 30 days from the issuing date of your SAE authorization. Once you enter the country, you may spend up to 180 days there.

What are the Types of Visas for Mexico?

Unless you plan short-term travel for purposes of tourism (which is facilitated by the FMM Tourist Card), you need to apply for a Mexico visa before your travel. Depending on the time you wish to spend abroad and the activities you’d like to pursue, choose a suitable visa.

Mexico Tourist Visa

If you would like to visit Mexico for purposes including tourism, you should apply for the Mexican Tourist Visa. It may be obtained at the Mexican Embassy after providing the officers with your personal data and travel details (birthplace, date of birth, house address, and purpose for a visit). You may also be asked about your previous trips to Mexico.

Once approved, the Tourist Visa allows you to travel to Mexico and enjoy sightseeing tours, meet with friends and family, or participate in cultural events.

Mexico Work Visa

The Mexico Work Visa may be obtained at the Embassy by presenting the received job advertisement or employment contract from the Mexican company. The future employer must also collect essential documents concerning their enterprise (list of employees’ names, list of employees’ nationalities, proof of timely tax payments) to prove the company’s reliability.

With a suitable visa, you will be able to work in Mexico hassle-free. Take up temporary or permanent employment abroad and pursue your career goals in Mexico.

Mexico Business Visa

A visa allowing visitors to participate in business conferences and professional training is called the Mexico Business Visa. For registration, present an invitation letter to the business event containing the traveler’s personal information and the name and registry number of the inviting Mexican enterprise. The company must also cover the expenses of the business visit.

Sometimes, in order to obtain a visa, the person in business may be asked to confirm their qualifications by attaching a language certificate or proof of completing a professional course.

Mexico Study Visa

To obtain the Mexico Study Visa, you must be a student that enrolled in a short-term course, decided to pursue studies abroad, or was asked to conduct research projects in Mexico. During the application procedure, you will be asked to provide the letter of acceptance to the program, as well as the declaration of owning funds sufficient to stay in Mexico.

With the Mexico Study Visa, you will be allowed to enjoy a stay in Mexico for the purposes of gaining education and improving qualifications.

Mexico Temporary Resident Visa

The Mexico Temporary Resident Visa may be applied for solely at a Mexican diplomatic mission. It cannot be issued by the Consulate. Since the date of your arrival in Mexico, you have 30 days to visit the immigration office and request the visa. Keep in mind the criteria are strict and apply to finances sufficient for the travel.

The Mexico Temporary Resident Visa is valid for 4 years, allowing multiple entries to the country. When your visa expires, you may replace it with a Permanent Residence Visa.

Mexico Permanent Resident Visa

The Mexico Permanent Resident Visa may be an extension of the Temporary Resident Visa when it expires. However, you can also apply for your visa separately if you plan on staying in Mexico. You may apply for the visa as long as you are an asylum seeker, a professional, an investor, a retiree, or a foreigner with Mexican relatives.

The Mexican Permanent Resident Visa is intended for citizens of other countries who would like to settle in Mexico. It allows for a long-term stay abroad.

How to apply for a Mexico Visa?

The essential travel document – FMM Tourist Card – may be easily obtained online. However, any type of visa for Mexico must be applied for in person at the Embassy. Although the process may take some time, it is not complicated.

To apply for a visa to Mexico, complete the following steps:

  • fill in the application form with personal data and travel details
  • submit the required documentation to the office
  • make the payment for the visa processing fee
  • participate in a consular interview

As soon as your visa is approved, you will receive a notification. The authorized visa should be collected in person at the same office where you have completed the application.

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