How to Migrate to New Zealand from the Philippines

By Julia

April 21, 2023

How to Migrate to New Zealand from the Philippines

Recently, many Filipinos have been thinking about migrating to New Zealand. If you are one of them, you may want to know more information, including visa options.

There are many factors to consider when you decide which visa is best for you: for example, what are your employment and study plans, your age, health, and whether you want to bring your partner or family with you to New Zealand.

To start with, you may apply for a visitor visa to explore the opportunities New Zealand has to offer. If you have some educational courses on your mind, you can obtain a student visa and then a post-studies visa.

Valuable qualifications and experience will enable you to get a skilled migrant category resident visa.

Business people may find it attractive to set up their own business in New Zealand under an entrepreneur work visa.

You can also explore family visas if your nearest relatives reside in New Zealand.

New Zealand visitor visa

First, Filipino citizens can apply for a Visitor visa. It will allow you to have a visit for up to 9 months, study for up to 3 months, explore the country, visit relatives and friends, participate in sports, etc.

You can also include your partner and dependent children under 19 years old in your application.

It is possible to choose between different visitor visa application options. It is possible to submit your requirements and documents to VFS Application Centers in person. If you are very busy, you may decide to submit your visa application via courier service.

The third, and most convenient way to obtain a New Zealand visa, is to apply online. The new visitor visa application form can be completed in several steps: fill out a form, cover the fees, and receive approval via email.


Moreover, if you are a Filipino national but also hold a passport of a country that has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand, you can apply for an NZeTA instead of an eVisa.

It is a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority that enables its holders to have an unlimited number of 90-day visits in a span of 2 years (24 months) since approval. You can travel to the country for tourism, business, and transit matters.

NZeTA has an online application as well: provide your basic information, make the payment, and check your inbox.

Student visa

Filipinos enrolling in an educational institution in New Zealand can apply for a student visa. You are required to provide proper documentation: an invitation letter from a school, proof of sufficient funds, medical insurance, police clearance, and proof that you meet medical requirements.

A student visa is usually issued for the period of your studies. When residing in New Zealand under a student permit, you can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. It is a great way to study and get work experience at the same time.

Post-studies visa

Upon completing the studies, citizens of the Philippines get the opportunity to receive a post-study work visa. It permits its holders to have full-time jobs. This type of New Zealand visa stays effective for 1–3 years.

If you perform your job duties and responsibilities successfully, you can ask your employer to support you for a work-to-residence visa – a skilled migrant category resident visa.

Skilled migrant category visa

The skilled migrant category visa fits Filipinos with experience and qualifications that contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. This New Zealand visa lets you live, work and study in New Zealand.

The selection is conducted on the points-based system to assess expressions of interest. The number of points you get depends on your age, skills, qualifications, and work experience. You have a higher chance of being approved for this visa type if you have many points.

Entrepreneur work visa

This New Zealand visa is designed for persons willing to buy or set up their own businesses. To apply, you must satisfy certain conditions: you must have at least NZD $100,000 to invest, a business plan, and the ability to claim 120 points on the points scale.

Under this visa, you are allowed to stay and work in your own business in New Zealand for up to 3 years in total. Note that you won’t be granted this type if you have been involved in business fraud or financial wrongdoing.

Family visas

You can also stay in New Zealand if you want to join your partner or young children who live there.

There are several options for family policies: partnership category, parent retirement category, parent category, dependent child category, sibling and adult child category, or inter-country adoption.

In order to get a family visa, you need to satisfy some criteria: you must have sufficient knowledge of the English language, meet health and character requirements, and be a fit and proper person.

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