LMRA Visa Check

By Julia

September 14, 2023

LMRA Visa Check

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Bahrain is a legally recognized body with administrative and financial independence. The LMRA portal offers a one-stop service of issuing work permits for expatriate employees and their dependents.

Employees are able to apply for a work visa Bahrain via the LMRA website, which can also be used to check the visa status.

Those willing to confirm that their work permit is valid should just log into the system. It is possible to see when the work permit expires, as well as the application or legal status of the work permit.

How to check Bahrain Work Visa Status

Employees can check the expiry date, the validity period, application status, or legal status of their work permits in Bahrain on the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) website.

To check the validity of the work visa Bahrain, enter your personal number, work permit number, application ID number, or passport number.

How to apply for the LMRA visa

In order to apply for a LMRA Bahrain visa, it is necessary to follow the steps below:

  1. Register in the LMRA EMS system and initiate the application process for a new work permit.
  2. Make a paper copy of the application confirmation.
  3. Check your application status by entering the application ID number.
  4. Once your work permit is approved, cover the fees via the EMS system or in the accredited bank.
  5. Download the work permit from the EMS system and make a printout.
  6. Bring the hard copy of your work permit to the Immigration Office and get a sticker.

Documents required for the LMRA visa

The required documentation for a Labour Market Regulatory Authority visa includes:

  • the Employee’s passport valid for at least 6 months (recommended – 2 years)
  • a valid license from the competent authority (for non-commercial institutions and non-governmental organizations)
  • a copy of the latest paid electricity bill (for private sectors)
  • a lease contract (if electricity is out of your responsibility)
  • the Employee’s identity card (if available)
  • the work contract template between the employer and the expatriate employee
  • a medical check-up report showing that the employee is fit to work
  • the Residency Permit (if the employee works in any of GCC or in a non-home country)
  • a letter of approval/no-objection certificate from the relevant authority (for certain specialized occupations)

LMRA visa fees

Check the fee structure for the LMRA visa Bahrain:

  • application for a new, renewal or transfer of Work permit (for two years) – BHD 200 (USD 530.62)
    • optional fee for the permit out of Bahrainisation percentage – BHD 500 (USD 1,326.55)
    • basic health care fees (for two years) – BHD 144 (USD 382.05)
  • application for a new, renewal or transfer of Work permit (for one year) – BHD 100 (USD 265.31)
    • optional fee for the permit out of Bahrainisation percentage – BHD 250 (USD 663.27)
    • basic health care fees (for one year) – BHD 72 (USD 191.02)
  • visit to work permit fee – BHD 60 (USD 159.19)
  • change of Occupation (per application) – BHD 10 (USD 26.53)
  • application for new or renewal of Temporary Work permits (valid for 6 months) – BHD 200 (USD 530.62)
  • application for new or renewal of Accompanying Family Dependents (per Application) – BHD 90 (USD 238.78)
  • monthly fees for the first five expats – per worker- BHD 5 (USD 13.27)
  • monthly fees from the sixth expat – per worker – BHD 10 (USD 26.53)
  • domestic new work permit fees (for 24 months) – BHD 118 (USD 313.06)
  • domestic new work permit fees (for 12 months) – BHD 86 (USD 228.17)
  • domestic renewal fees (for 24 months) – BHD 79 (USD 209.59)
  • domestic renewal fees (for 12 months) – BHD 42 (USD 111.43)
  • domestic renewal fees (for 6 months) – BHD 23.5 (USD 62.35)
  • applying at LMRA premises at the Executive Services Centre (for each service) – BHD 20 (USD 53.06)
  • applying at businessman or investor-selected premises (for each service) – BHD 50 (USD 132.66)

LMRA visa cancellation

The LMRA website also allows employers to cancel the issued work permit and the residence permits of the employee and their dependents. To apply for the cancellation, the following steps are required:

  1. Choose the cancellation service through the LMRA’s EMS system.
  2. Complete and upload the Termination Declaration form.
  3. Attend the NPRA Counters at LMRA after 3 days of submitting. It is needed to bring the employee’s original passport as well as passports of their dependents.

Important! When a work permit expires, the employer or authorized party must first confirm with Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) that the cancellation of the work permit can be completed. Once the work permit is canceled, the employee has 30 days to leave the country.


How can I check my Bahrain visa status online?

To check the LMRA visa status, you should enter your personal number, work permit number, application ID number, or passport number on the LMRA website.

How much is the LMRA flexible visa fee?

For a new, renewal or transfer of a work permit for two years, you need to pay BHD 200 (USD 530.62), while a for one year – BHD 100 (USD 265.31). Note that there are additional fees you may need to pay.

How to apply for a LMRA visa in Bahrain?

To apply for a Work visa Bahrain, you need to log in the LMRA EMS system, print the application confirmation, check your application status, cover the fees, print out a work permit from the EMS system, bring it to the Immigration Office and receive a sticker.

How do I log into LMRA?

To log into LMRA, you must register in the system using an electronic key and then enter your personal number and password.

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