Tourist visa

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the most often used type of visa. Foreign citizens need to obtain it in order to travel to another country for tourism purposes, like exploring and experiencing the historical and natural attractions of the country, vacationing, and recreation.

The specific requirements and duration of a visa can vary depending on the country a traveler is willing to visit. Tourist visas are usually issued for short visits up to 90 days, but sometimes there are long-term options as well.

Some countries issue a traveling visa that serves multiple purposes, while others offer a tourist visa applicable exclusively for tourism. A tourism visa restricts visitors from engaging in any form of employment during their stay.

Depending on the country’s visa policy, a tourism visa can be obtained in an embassy, online, or at the airport upon arrival. It is essential to check the specific visa guidelines to know which rules apply to your nationality.

Definition of a tourist visa

A tourist visa (sometimes referred to as a visitor visa) is an official travel document that allows one to travel to a foreign country for leisure. It is usually used for sightseeing, visiting natural or man-made sites, attending any recreation and entertainment facilities, visiting family and friends, etc.

Tourist visas are normally granted for a short period of stay, however, some countries issue long-term tourist visas. Still, holders of tourist visas are not permitted to get employed or conduct other non-tourism activities.

Not every foreign citizen needs a tourist visa: for short-term stay, visa-exempt nationalities can travel without a tourist visa, but online registration for a waiver or travel authorization may be necessary.

How to apply for a tourist visa

The methods of obtaining a tourist visa depend on the country’s visa policy. Some countries allow to apply for a tourist visa online: an e-Visa has a simple and convenient application process. The steps to apply are the following:

  1. Fill out the application form. Provide the requested information in the boxes.
  2. Attach the required documents. Upload the documents in digital form.
  3. Pay the fees. Use your debit/credit card or PayPal.

The approved electronic visa is sent to the applicant’s email address, making the whole process remote.

Another facilitated option to get a tourist short-term visa is to receive it upon arrival. In this case, no pre-arrangements are required, however, lines for on-arrival visas are usually long and take a lot of time.

Citizens not eligible for the methods mentioned above have to apply for a regular visa. One should make an appointment with the nearest embassy, gather the necessary documentation, and lodge the application in person. Often the process requires having a visa interview with a consular officer.

Tourist visa examples

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