Student Visa

Student Visa

Student Visa

A student visa is necessary for people who want to study in a foreign country. If you plan to go abroad to educate yourself and begin the course at a university or a different academic institution, you must have proper travel documents. The validity period and requirements for a visa depend on the specific country. Check everything before and enjoy your learning overseas.

Definition of a Student Visa

A student visa is a travel document issued by a foreign country for those who want to study at a university or take part in an exchange program. Thanks to it, holders are permitted to live and stay in the place legally for educational purposes.

Usually, visitors can be in the country for over a year with student visas. Besides, some countries offer employment as long as travelers meet the conditions based on the job type and hours.

Sometimes, it is possible to use a visa waiver to study abroad. However, this option grants only short-term courses for up to 6 months. Remember that you can’t work in the selected destination as a holder of a visa waiver.

Student Visa Application Process

International students who are taking part in a language training program or wish to study in a foreign educational institution need to apply for a visa. The process depends on the country’s policy and usually consists of the following steps:

  • Providing the information in the application form, such as name, surname, date of birth, passport number, etc.
  • Covering the fee with one of the available payment methods.
  • Waiting for the processing and receiving of a visa.

Some places enable visitors to take part in the application process online. The rest require a face-to-face appointment at the embassy.

Student Visa Requirements

The requirements can be different as they depend on the country. Generally, you should have:

  • a valid passport that won’t expire within the next 6 months,
  • a letter from an educational institution,
  • proof of sufficient funds,
  • consent from parents in the case of visitors under 18 years old.

You need to attach the documents during the online application process or provide them in the face-to-face interview at the embassy or consulate. Prepare earlier to avoid inconveniences.

What is the Validity Period of a Student Visa

A visa for students allows visiting the country for a few months or years. The validity period depends on the specific visa policy.

For example, Canada offers a visa for students for the course duration and an additional 90 days to prepare for leaving the country. In the United Kingdom, you can stay for up to 5 years when your course is at degree level.

In some cases, your visa can be extended if you want to study further after completing one course. However, don’t overstay your visa, as you may be punished by a fine, deportation, or even prison. Before your trip, check what requirements you need to meet and how long your visa will be valid.