ETA Australia for Singaporean citizens

By Julia

March 17, 2023

ETA Australia for Singaporean Citizens

ETA Australia for Singaporean citizens is an electronic travel authority allowing to come to Australia for short visits related to sightseeing or business handling.

Singapore nationals holding a valid ETA to Australia can enter the country as many times as they want to have 90-day stays during the validity period of 12 months.

The application process for an Australia ETA is speedy and doesn’t take much effort. It is necessary to complete the application form, upload documents, and cover the fees.

The approval is sent as a PDF document directly to the applicant’s email address. You don’t even need to make a paper copy, as an Australia ETA will be electronically linked to your passport. A valid Singaporean passport is the only document to be requested by immigration officials.

Australia visa types


The Australia electronic travel authority (ETA, subclass 601) allows citizens of 8 eligible countries (including Singapore) to enter the territory of Australia numerous times during a 12-month validity period. Australia ETA permits to travel to Australia for tourism, business, or transit matters.

The application process for Australian ETA takes place online and remotely.


The Australia eVisitor (subclass 651) is very similar to an ETA. It provides the same travel opportunities: an unlimited number of 90-day stays in a span of 365 days from issue. However, the list of eligible countries is different: it is focused on European nations and includes more countries.

Applicants submit the application for an eVisitor to Australia online.

Regular visa

A regular visa is a traditional visa that is obtained in an Australian embassy or consulate. It is the only visa option for nationals who are eligible neither for an ETA nor an eVisitor to Australia.

The application process requires gathering paper documents and attending a visa interview.

Australia ETA application form

Singapore passport holders can complete the Australian ETA application within a few minutes since it is straightforward and entirely online:

  1. Fill out the form: you have to enter your passport, personal, contact, and travel information. Ensure to provide full and accurate details.
  2. Recheck the form: whether all the required fields are completed and there are no mistakes.
  3. Attach the documents according to the requirements.
  4. Cover the processing fees online.
  5. Wait for the decision. If your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with a PDF document of your Australian ETA.

How long does it take to process an Australian visa?

The processing time cannot be the same for all Australia e-Visa applications from Singapore: they are submitted at different times and contain different data.

Usually, it lasts for about a few days, but it may take longer if there are many urgent applications or your application has incorrect data or a lack of it.

Take into account that applications with an approaching date of departure are likely to be processed first.

To eliminate the chances of delays on your part, make sure to provide all the required information and documents. Check so that your data is correct and relevant, and documents meet requirements.

The permitted stay and entries for Singapore travelers

With a valid Australia ETA, Singaporean citizens are able to enter Australia numerous times. Each visit, though, cannot exceed 3 months (90 days). The time spent outside Australia between entries must be at least 3 days.

The Australian ETA’s validity period is 12 months and begins from the moment of issue. Note that an Australia ETA is digitally connected to the applicant’s passport.

Should your passport expire or its data change, your e-Visa to Australia gets invalid. If that is the case, you will need to apply for a new Australian ETA.

Australian ETA requirements for Singapore citizens

e-Visa requirements

Australian electronic travel authority requires you to satisfy some technical conditions – you must have:

  • a device connected to the internet (for example, a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC)
  • an active email address
  • the ability to cover the processing fees online (a debit or credit card/PayPal/PayU with sufficient account balance).

Required documents

After you complete the Australia ETA application form, you will need to proceed with uploading the necessary documents:

  1. a digital photo of your passport bio-data page:
    • your Singapore passport must not expire for a minimum of 6 months from entering Australia
    • the photo must be of relatively good quality so that the data is clearly visible
    • the photo must capture the entire bio-data page, and no part of the information can be covered
  2. your digital face photo:
    • a photo can be taken with a phone or webcam, but it should be clear and have a light plain background
    • your face must be looking at the camera straight on and have a neutral expression
    • it cannot be the photo from your passport
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