Passport Photo Background

By Aleksandra

March 15, 2023

Passport Photo Background

What is the Background Color for a Passport Photo?

Generally, the passport photo background should be plain and white. It can’t be textured, lined, or have any shadows. You can take a photo in a professional studio where the photographer will prepare the proper background.

Besides, you can try to take a photo by yourself. You just need a decent camera/smartphone and some editing tools available online. For example, background removal is possible thanks to the passport photo app. You just upload an image and edit it so that it meets the requirements. Pay attention to the passport photo size and other details, as the incorrect image can lead to application rejection.

Does the Passport Photo Need to have White Background?

Yes, the passport photo should have a white background. Besides, the background must be plain, without shadows, lines, or texture. The image must be clear and visible.

Note that different countries have their own rules, so a background in a slightly different color, such as light grey, may be acceptable. However, according to U.S. requirements, the passport photo must have a white background.

Is Gray Background OK for a Passport Photo?

The light gray or blue background can be acceptable in some countries like the Netherlands. However, in the U.S. mainly, it must be plain white without texture, lines, and shadows. Pay attention to the photo requirements to avoid rejection of the application.

What Color Should you Not Wear for a Passport Photo?

It is not recommended to wear white color as the background should be white so you can blend and look unnatural. Besides, in a U.S. passport photo, you can’t wear glasses, headphones, headbands, large hair accessories, hats, and uniforms. The face must be visible, without any shadows or hidden eyes and ears. You can smile, but it must be natural and unforced.

How to Make a Passport Photo Background White Online?

You can upload your photo in a passport photo app and click on the background section. Adjust the image: position, rotate, zoom, etc., so it will meet the requirements. Then, select the proper area and choose a white background that will replace the current one.

What are the Passport Photo Requirements?

Each country has its own picture requirements, so you should check them out before you apply for a passport. When it comes to the U.S, the passport image must:

  • be recent and not older than 6 months
  • have the correct size, so measure 2×2″ (5×5 cm)
  • show the head that is centered and between 1″ to 1 3/8″ (2.5 to 3.5 cm)
  • be on the white background
  • show full face with visible eyes and ears
  • be a color photo
  • show neutral facial expressions.

Besides, you can’t wear glasses, uniforms, headbands, headphones, etc. Head covering is possible only in case of religious reasons.

Digital passport pictures should be high resolution, with a minimal 600×600 and maximum 1200×1200 dimensions. Before you upload image, check if all conditions (such as plain background or passport photo size) are met.

What Should I do Next When I already Have a Passport Photo?

When the passport photo is ready, you can start the application process. To get a new U.S. passport or renew the old one, you should:

  1. Complete the application form that is available online.
  2. Cover the necessary fee.
  3. Submit the correct passport photo.
  4. Show the ID photo for identification.
  5. Find the location of the passport service.

It is quite easy to apply for a passport. You just need to remember about a few rules and wait for the processing.

Children’s passport photo

Mainly, the requirements for children are the same as for adults, but additionally:

  • No other person can be present in the photo.
  • The baby should lie on their back on a white background.
  • The face must be visible, and no shadows should be there.
  • Eyes should be open, and a child must look directly into the camera. Infants are the exception, as their eyes can be closed.

A Passport Photo Pose

You should look straight into the camera and maintain a neutral expression. Don’t open your mouth, tilt your head or rotate it. Wear regular clothes – no uniforms, head covering (except for religious reasons), glasses, headbands, or headphones are acceptable.

Appearance Change

The new photo is not necessary in case of a change of appearance that is not significant, such as growing a beard or coloring hair. Only if you had facial surgery, underwent some trauma/great weight loss, removed/added facial tattoos/piercings, or made a gender transition, you need to take a photo once again.

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