Invitation Letter for a Visa

Invitation Letter for a Visa

Invitation Letter for a Visa

What Is the Definition of a Visa Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is a document made by a citizen of a country for a foreigner who wants to visit it. Thanks to that, it is possible to legally go to the country for a limited time. The invitation letter must be added to the other supporting documents needed to obtain a visa.

It is important, as thanks to the contact information of the inviting person, the authorities will know your travel purpose and if you’re not staying in the country illegally. The invitation letter may be required for specific areas and reasons, so keep that in mind.

How to write a Letter of Invitation?

It’s very simple to write a letter of invitation. It is a personalized document, but you can use a letter of invitation sample. You need to include the basic information in the invitation letter form, such as:

  • name, contact details, and status of the inviting person
  • name, passport number, and purpose of the applicant
  • relationship with the inviting person
  • handwritten signatures
  • travel itinerary and dates
  • proof that you are financially responsible
  • the embassy name and contact details.

Remember to use formal language, as you must understand and respect the authority of the embassy. Colloquial language or local expressions shouldn’t be included. The letter needs to be straightforward and serious. You can see the invitation letter template to make sure your letter is correct.

Types of Invitation Letters

We can distinguish many kinds of invitation letters. They all need to be supported by additional documents (sometimes, a physical copy will be needed) to confirm everything written is true. Without proof, the letter can be rejected by the embassy. Below, you can read what types of invitation letters are available:

  • Family/Friend Invitation Letter for Tourism – if you want to visit relatives or friends abroad, you will need a letter written by them attached to a visa form. Also, proof of relationship is necessary in this case.
  • Invitation Letter for Business – this document is required if you travel to a foreign country for a business purpose. It should be treated as a confirmation of the relationship with the employer and the company. It must include job positions, dates, salary, and other information.
  • Sponsor Letter – this letter is needed if you have been invited to a conference, speech, or trade show when the sponsorship is taking place. The document must present event details, itinerary, dates, contact information, and accommodation.
  • Hospital Letter – people who suffer because of health problems and want to go to a foreign country for treatment will need confirmation from a doctor. The letter should include medical conditions, dates, costs, and who will be responsible for them.
  • University/College Letter – necessary if you want to study in a college or university abroad. You must have an acceptance letter from the institution to prove you can join it. Include all required information, such as major, duration of the stay, accommodation, and the method of financing.