Exit Visa

Exit Visa

An exit visa is issued by a certain government as a travel document that must be obtained by a foreign citizen who wants to leave the country. It is not a common visa, and only certain destinations require it. Prepare for your trip and check if you need it.

Definition of an Exit Visa

Some destinations introduced an exit visa process for travelers leaving the country. An exit visa is an official document similar to the standard visa that gives the right to cross a foreign border. Usually, a visa allows entry, but in this case, visitors are able to go out of the place legally.

How to Apply for an Exit Visa

The application process for an exit visa depends on the specific country. Usually, it consists of a few simple steps:

  • Visiting a special site or institution and selecting a visa type.
  • Completing the visa form with the required information (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, etc.).
  • Attaching the necessary documents.
  • Covering the fee.
  • Waiting for the processing and receiving of an exit visa.

Why Exit Visa is Necessary

An exit visa issued by the government can be used for the following purposes:

  • Controlling the number of leaving travelers
  • Catching criminals and political rebels
  • Monitoring debtors
  • Making sure that holders of work visas completed sponsored employment
  • Stopping the emigration of skilled workers

Examples Where the Exit Visa is Necessary

Certain conditions of visa policies must be met by the visitors who want to leave the specific destinations. Some of them require a final exit visa. Check everything before your trip and prepare all the necessary documents to avoid inconveniences.

Vietnam Exit Visa

This special document enables visitors to leave the country in case of a lost or damaged passport. Travelers need to obtain a Vietnam visa in such a situation; otherwise, they won’t be able to cross the border legally.

Tourist Visa Policy of Russia

Sometimes, countries control the number of travelers who overstay their visas by certain travel documents. In Russia, those foreigners who stay in the country longer than they should, according to the documents, must obtain an exit visa. During the application, visitors must explain why they overstayed.

Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

In order to monitor travelers with work visas, Saudi Arabia introduced an exit visa. Visitors with work visas can stay in Saudi Arabia only when their contracts are not expired. They must obtain an exit/re-entry visa in order to leave the country.

It is very important; otherwise, they will overstay and can be punished for that. The exit visa confirms that the job contract was completed (especially when it was sponsored by a company).

Lost or Stolen Passport Policy of India

The exit visa can be issued for travelers whose passport was lost or stolen in India. An exit visa is required if you need to leave the country without an official passport.