An Embassy is an official agency representing a sovereign state internationally. It is a local representative office of one country located in another country. The Embassy should always be located in the capital city, contrary to a Consulate that may be found in major tourist cities.

The main goal of every diplomatic mission is to provide assistance and information to all travelers coming from the country they represent abroad. There is a range of services the Embassy ensures.

Remember to check the current location of your national Embassy in another country if you are planning a journey abroad. In case of any difficulties with your travel, you will receive essential assistance.

What is an Embassy?

The Embassy is an official residence of the national diplomatic representatives in another country. Contrary to a Consulate, the Embassy is a primary diplomatic mission. The office is the place of work and residence of an Ambassador who provides necessary help to all travelers.

Embassies are usually located in the capital cities of their host countries so that they can be easily found by those in need. Other major cities are typically the localizations for Consulates.

The main purpose of an Embassy is to provide means of communication between the governments of the home country and the host country. It has an important political function, ensuring seamless collaboration between the states by hosting official visits, organizing cultural events, or preparing treaties.

Apart from being the diplomatic representation of the country in the international area, the Embassy provides various consular services to travelers in need that have encountered problems abroad.

What does an Embassy do?

The services provided by the Embassy may vary depending on the country it represents. However, most of the regulations and responsibilities remain the same for all the offices as they are the primary diplomatic missions and the first instance in providing assistance to travelers.

One of the duties of an Embassy is to issue visas for foreigners visiting the country it represents. Although the online visa application has become increasingly popular, the Embassy is still responsible for updating travelers on mandatory entry requirements and current visa policy.

Moreover, you should schedule a visit to the Embassy if you need assistance with notarizing documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. In some cases, you can request a passport renewal.

The diplomatic staff of the Embassy will provide you with help if your personal documentation is lost, damaged, or stolen. They will issue emergency replacements (temporary passport) allowing you to safely return to your home country. You should also contact the office for legal aid if you have been a victim of a crime.

It is also a good idea to contact an Embassy if you have fallen ill during your journey abroad. The staff will contact your family and can put them in contact with your doctor if necessary.

What is more, the Embassy provides information and assistance to all travelers residing temporarily in another country in life and health-threatening emergency situations (for example, in the case of natural disasters, civil unrest, or military conflicts breaking out).