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Egypt e-Visa General Information

The Egypt e-Visa is an online visa implemented to speed up the application process and encourage more tourists to visit the country. It is available for every eligible traveler who would like to enter Egypt for purposes related to tourism or business.

The online visa program was launched in 2017. Since then, visitors have been able to apply for the Egyptian e-Visa electronically from home. The process is much more convenient than the standard visa registration at the Embassy.

The Egypt e-Visa application form is easy to complete. The questionnaire includes a few personal and travel-related questions, and the registration procedure consists of 3 short steps. All you need to do is fill in the form, cover the fee, and print out the approved visa.

There are two types of Egyptian online visas – a single-entry and a multiple-entry one. Both allow you to stay in the country for 30 days within their respective validity periods.

Who Needs an e-Visa to Egypt?

The Egypt electronic visa is available for every eligible foreigner traveling for tourism or business purposes. With the e-Visa, you can visit your family, attend a sightseeing tour, conclude contracts, or participate in seminars.

If you are not eligible for the electronic visa to Egypt, you must schedule a meeting at the nearest Embassy and request a regular visa.

List of Eligible Countries

Only citizens of eligible countries may apply for an electronic visa to Egypt. Check the list below and find out if your country of origin is on that list.

e-Visa for Egypt is available to the citizens of following countries:

  • Albania Albania
  • Australia Australia
  • Austria Austria
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Canada Canada
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Cyprus Cyprus
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Estonia Estonia
  • Finland Finland
  • Germany Germany
  • Greece Greece
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Iceland Iceland
  • India India
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Japan Japan
  • South Korea South Korea
  • Latvia Latvia
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Macedonia Macedonia
  • Malta Malta
  • Moldova Moldova
  • Monaco Monaco
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Norway Norway
  • Poland Poland
  • Portugal Portugal
  • Romania Romania
  • Russia Rusia
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Seychelles Seychelles
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Spain Spain
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • United States United States
  • Holy See Holy See

Please note that citizens of Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, and Italy do not have to provide a passport when applying for an online visa to Egypt. A valid ID card is enough.

Types of Egyptian Electronic Visas

There are two types of online Egypt visas that travelers may apply for:

  • single-entry Egypt e-Visa: valid for 3 months from the date of issue. It allows one 30-day-long visit to Egypt for tourism or business purposes.
  • multiple-entry Egypt e-Visa: issued for visitors who need to travel to Egypt more than once. It grants unlimited entries within a 6-month validity period. In total, visits cannot last longer than 30 days.

No matter the visa type, it remains effective only with a valid passport. Moreover, the validity of your passport cannot expire in less than 6 months.

Egypt e-Visa Application Instruction

The Egypt visa online can be issued when the registration procedure is completed. To fill out the form, you need a valid passport and a device with a good Internet connection.

Follow this short application guide and get an online visa to Egypt in the most convenient possible way:

  • Complete the visa application form by providing your personal details and travel information. Check the completed data twice to avoid any mistakes. Submit the application with supporting documents (passport and photographs).
  • Cover the processing fee of 69 or 99 EUR (the amount depends on the selected visa type). There are a few different payment methods available. Save the payment confirmation delivered to your e-mail.
  • Check for the approved Egypt visa, the PDF file will be delivered to the given e-mail address. Print out the permit and carry it with you for the travel.

Requirements for Egypt Online Visa

Every citizen of an eligible country may submit a visa application using a working electronic device. Remember to attach the following documents to the registration form:

  • applicant’s passport photo with bio-data page that will not expire for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Egypt
  • applicant’s face photo taken with a phone or a camera
  • invitation letter from the family member for family-related travel
  • invitation letter from the Egyptian company for business-related travel

Some travelers may also be required to submit additional documents:

  • proof of booked hotel reservation (if applicable)
  • proof of purchased flight ticket (if applicable)

Arriving in Egypt, you must carry a printed copy of your e-Visa and a passport with at least a 6-month validity. For family and business travel, a suitable invitation letter is also required.

Egyptian e-Visa Validity

The single-entry visa remains valid for 3 months, allowing you to visit the country once for 30 days. On the other hand, the multiple-entry permit is effective for 6 months from the date of issue, granting you numerous visits to Egypt.

If your passport expires early, it renders your Egyptian e-Visa invalid as well. Before leaving for the journey to Egypt, you should ensure your passport stays valid throughout the trip.

Transit Information

Every traveler who plans on passing through Egypt to another country must have a relevant Transit Visa. Complete the online registration form if you are eligible for the electronic visa. Otherwise, request a regular visa at the Egyptian Embassy.

Visa Summary

  • eVisa destination



  • eVisa price


    • 69 EUR (single-entry)
    • 99 EUR (multiple-entry)
  • eVisa Processing time


    a few days

  • Visa validity


    • 3 months (single-entry)
    • 6 months (multiple-entry)
  • Visa requirements documents


    • valid passport
    • biometric photo
    • valid e-mail
    • online payment method
    • supporting documents

Other Travel Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get an eVisa to Egypt?

Obtaining an e-Visa to Egypt is effortless and convenient. All you need to do is complete the online registration form, cover the processing fee, and wait for the approval notice. Once your visa is authorized, you will receive it in your e-mail inbox.

When will I receive my eVisa to Egypt?

The processing of your Egypt visa inquiry may last a few days. However, remember that the visa authorization is dependent on the processing conducted by the Egyptian office and may be prolonged.

Do I need to print out my eVisa to Egypt?

You must print out your e-Visa before leaving for Egypt. It is strictly connected to your passport, but on arrival in the country, the immigration officers will ask you to present a paper copy of your visa. It may be printed in black and white.

What if my eVisa to Egypt is not approved?

Your online visa to Egypt will be rejected if the immigration officers find any discrepancies in your documents. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to always double-check your application form before submitting it for processing.

How long can I stay in Egypt with an eVisa?

The single-entry permit remains in force for 3 months, while the multiple-entry document stays valid for 6 months. Both visa types allow the eligible traveler to spend 30 days in Egypt (in total or consecutively, depending on the selected visa type).

What is the validity of the Egypt electronic visa?

The guaranteed validity period of the Egypt online visa depends on its selected type. If you apply for the single-entry e-Visa, it will be valid for 3 months from the issuing date. The multiple-entry e-Visa remains effective for 6 months.

Do children need an eVisa to Egypt?

Every foreign citizen traveling to Egypt is required to have a relevant visa, regardless of age. The registration form for minors should be completed by their parents or legal guardians.

What is the cost of an eVisa to Egypt?

The cost of the Egypt e-Visa changes depending on its selected type. You must pay 69 EUR for a single-entry visa and 99 EUR for a multiple-entry permit.

What must I have to apply for an Egyptian eVisa?

The visa registration process takes place online, so you must ensure you have a working electronic device with a good Internet connection. For the application, you should prepare a valid passport and biometric photos. Additional documents may be required.

What is the processing time for an eVisa to Egypt?

On average, the processing time for an online visa to Egypt is around a few days. Your visa will be approved as soon as possible, and you will be notified once it is authorized. Any delay in the processing is dependent on the Egyptian immigration office.

What documents are required to get an eVisa to Egypt?

In order to obtain an e-Visa to Egypt, you must prepare a valid passport, biometric photos, and a personalized invitation letter in case of traveling for purposes including visiting family or conducting business. Supporting documents may be required.

What data do I need to provide in the eVisa application form?

While filling in the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide personal information such as full name, date of birth, and country of origin. It is also essential to complete the form with passport details (document's number, issue date, and expiry date).