Bahrain Visa for Indians

By Katarzyna

March 22, 2023

Bahrain Visa for Indians

Indian citizens who wish to visit the Kingdom for the purpose of tourism or business can now apply for a visa online. Bahrain eVisa for Indians can be obtained in a few easy steps involving no embassy visits.

Bahrain online visa is issued either as a single-entry or multiple-entry visa for a stay from 14 to 90 days.

Applicants need to follow a few simple steps, including filing out a short online form and covering the processing fee to receive the approved visa delivered straight to the email inbox.

Do Indian citizens need a visa for Bahrain?

Yes. Every traveler holding a passport issued by India must possess a valid visa to enter the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Fortunately, they can benefit from the online visa application process and save plenty of time.

All they need to apply for the Bahrain eVisa is a working electronic device, a stable Internet connection, and a few supporting documents described in the requirements section.

Should you plan to travel to Bahrain for purposes other than tourism or business, for example, relocation or taking up employment, you will need to schedule an embassy appointment for more information on how you can get a visa suiting your particular needs.

Types of Bahrain online visas available for Indians

Indian citizens can choose between the following types of electronic visas available for Bahrain:

  • a 14-day single-entry Bahrain eVisa – this visa type allows one entry to Bahrain and staying there for up to 2 weeks;
  • a 30-day multiple-entry Bahrain Visitor eVisa β€” this visa type allows numerous entries to the Kingdom, and each stay can be as long as 1 month;
  • a GCC 30-day, multiple-entry Bahrain eVisa β€” this visa type is only available for those Indian citizens who possess legal residence in one of the neighboring GCC countries; the visa enables entering the Kingdom numerous times and staying for up to 30 days each time.

Do remember to select the visa type that best matches your traveling needs and also take into consideration the requirements that must be met for a particular visa type.

Bahrain eVisa requirements for Indian citizens

Indian citizens need to meet a few requirements to apply for a Bahrain visa online. These requirements include:

  • holding an Indian passport that will not expire for the entire duration of the planned stay in Bahrain and the validity of the requested visa;
  • digital copy of the passport bio-data and last pages;
  • valid means of online payment to cover the processing fee;
  • active email address to receive updates on the application status as well as the approved visa;
  • travel itinerary, e.g., return ticket/accommodation details;
  • a copy of a stamped bank statement proving a balance of at least BD 300 (about USD800)

Note: If you travel to Bahrain and plan on staying at a relative or friend’s house, you will need to share your host’s accommodation details.

Passport requirements

All Indian passport holders must ensure that their documents’ validity will extend beyond the visa they applied for and also will cover the entire duration of their planned stay in the Kingdom.

It is highly recommended to renew the passport if its validity is less than 6 months from the planned arrival date in Bahrain.

Applying for the Bahrain eVisa from India

The application for a Bahrain visa for Indians requires filling out a simple online form. Applicants need to answer a few travel-related questions as well as provide some personal and passport details, including:

  • name and surname
  • sex
  • date and country of birth
  • job title
  • traveling motive
  • email address
  • phone number
  • passport number, expiry date and issuing country

After providing all required information, it will be necessary to provide travel plans, details of accommodation in Bahrain, and a bank statement confirming that one has at least BD 300.

Please do remember to revise all the information provided to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your eVisa application.

Finally, to finalize your Bahrain electronic visa application, you will be asked to cover the processing fee. Use one of many secure methods of online payment available and cover the fee.


Processing time for Bahrain eVisa from India

It may take up to a few business days to process the Bahrain eVisa application from India. As soon as the Bahraini Government approves your eVisa, you will receive an email notification.

Please remember to print out your eVisa confirmation and have it ready to present during the border control.

To ensure smooth application and visa approval, double-check all the provided details in the online application form. This way, you will avoid the need to make corrections to your details which could extend the processing time.

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