Azerbaijan Visa for US Citizens

By Katarzyna

March 22, 2023

Azerbaijan Visa for US Citizens

Azerbaijan visa for US citizens is now obtainable entirely online as a single-entry visa covering the purposes of business, leisure, or medical treatment.

In 2017, the Republic of Azerbaijan introduced the ASAN visa system enabling a short-term stay for nationals of certain countries, including Americans.

The Azerbaijan e-Visa stays effective for 3 months (90 days) and entitles the holder to a 30-day stay.

American citizens no longer need to visit the nearest Azerbaijani Embassy to arrange all visa formalities in a traditional way. Instead, they can apply for the e-Visa with a few simple clicks.

Just make sure to prepare a valid passport, grab an electronic device, check the Internet connection, and go to the online application form.


Types of Azerbaijan visas for US citizens

There is only one type of electronic visa available in Azerbaijan, i.e., a one-entry e-Visa covering the following purposes:

  • tourism
  • business
  • medical treatment

The ASAN visa stays effective for 90 days from the date of issue, and its holder can enter Azerbaijan once at any point throughout the validity period. The stay in the country can be as long as 30 days, and the person should leave Azerbaijan before the visa expires.

If you wish to reenter Azerbaijan after leaving, you may do it only after submitting a new e-Visa application.

Please note that with e-Visa, you are not allowed to work in Azerbaijan or seek employment there. For such purposes, a proper working permit must be obtained directly at the nearest Embassy of Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan e-Visa application from the US

American passport holders should prepare for a 3-step intuitive and straightforward online application involving the following steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: enter the required details and double-check what you’ve entered to ensure that your form is error-free.
  2. Cover the fee: choose one method of online payment and pay the processing fee.
  3. Wait for your e-Visa: shortly after submitting your application, you should receive the confirmation email. Your e-Visa receipt will also arrive in your email inbox once approved.

The real processing time is at the total discretion of the Government of Azerbaijan. Please note that it may take several hours up to a few days to process your application.

When you receive your e-Visa, do remember to print it out and take its physical copy for your trip. You may be asked to present the document together with your passport during the border control.


Azerbaijan e-Visa requirements for US passport holders

There is only one document that American citizens need to prepare for online visa application. This document is a passport that cannot expire for at least 6 months from the date of intended entry to Azerbaijan.

Applicants will be asked to upload a digital copy of the passport’s bio-data page. Make sure to provide a clear copy with all four corners visible to avoid the need to resubmit the photo.

Apart from a valid passport, check if you have access to the following:

  • active email address
  • valid means of online payment
  • working electronic device connected to the Internet

e-Visa requirements for Americans transiting Azerbaijan

To transit Azerbaijan, American nationals are not required to have a valid e-Visa as long as the following conditions are met:

  • to carry a valid passport
  • to have an onward ticket
  • not leave the airport transit zone

If you plan to exit the transit zone of one of the Azerbaijan airports, you should remember to obtain a visa before arriving in the country.


Other important information about Azerbaijan e-Visa

  • Application for a visa must be submitted from outside Azerbaijan.
  • No extension of the e-Visa is possible. Nevertheless, e-Visa holders can overstay their visas by 10 days.
  • A separate e-Visa application needs to be submitted for every person wishing to travel to Azerbaijan.
  • Don’t risk arriving in Azerbaijan without a printed copy of your visa. Presenting a digital copy can result in some issues with entering the country.
  • To transit Azerbaijan, you don’t need to hold a visa as long as you remain within the transit zone.
  • Azerbaijan e-Visa covers business purposes, excluding taking up paid employment. If you plan to work in Azerbaijan, do remember to obtain a proper working permit before arriving in the country.
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